Players Are Sure Going into The Clouds with Red Gaming Limited’s Frequent Flyer Video Slot

Relax Gaming is a Malta-based developer for Online casino games. It has recently come out to announce the release of its video slot known as Frequent Flyer. The release concludes the exclusive 6-month run of the title with Kindred Group facilitating the site.

The gaming company, which has its headquarters based in St. Juliania's Valletta suburb, made a press release to explain the game's features. The innovator stated that the casino game had six reels and forty pay lines. These features grant players a special passport for them to “slot paradise” to qualify for rewards that are about 5,426 times their starting stake.

Frequent Flyer Video Slot: Flying Fun

Relax Gaming Limited is now a decade old in the business. The company declares that the mobile casino video slot starts from an airport where the casino players try to gain some Split Flap symbols (five of them). At the end of the acquisition, the next destination is then revealed, and they can then go over to the bonus round (Jetsetter Free Spins).

According to the developers, each stage gives the players a certain quantity of multipliers, free spins and wins, and aficionados. It also issues a passport stamp to the player in the online casino game.

Beneficial Possibilities

As players find the ‘win potential rocket to new heights' section, they will win free spins bonuses. In this round, shuffling wilds and win multipliers are active, and players can maximize this opportunity to get loads of multipliers.

Frequent Flyer Video Slot: Exciting Features

Relax Gaming Limited's Chief Product Officer, Simon Hammon, in a press issue stated that the game has a new feature known as Final Call. This feature is said to be one of the most lucrative among others. He said that the new game is part of the list of over 1,500 titles successfully released by the company in the past.

The Final call feature of the video slot can be activated randomly at the beginning of a new spin.  

Hammon also stated that the title was low-volatility and that it gives a slot experience that contains lots of engaging features including free spins. He described each point of the game as having to be fun-packed and entertaining. One thing he also described the game to offer is a healthy sense of nostalgia and an excellent shot of euphoria.

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