Making a career choice of Playing Poker

The advances in modern technology have changed the lives of multi-millions of people globally. Today, everything imaginable can be done with the assistance of a computer or handheld device with internet. Online casinos have made a gigantic impact in society, and people have found that they can have all of the amenities of a brick and mortar casino in their comfort zone. Whether on a desktop, or a handheld device, the excitement and entertainment are the same. Everyone gambles for profit, but there are some people who sit for hours playing poker in hopes of making it a career choice.


Playing poker for a living requires much forethought before quitting a day job. A major point to consider is if patience is a virtue. A player has to be patient to be able to sit for hours watching the cards fall. Another factor is whether or not a player has the necessary skills for the casino game. They must think of themselves as a winner with proof to back them up. This means that they have a record of wins more than 75% of the times they have played. Choosing to play poker for a living is a lifestyle change that should include all of the pros and cons related to the decision. Some of the cons of making this drastic choice are fairly simple.

  • Some months there will be no income because of terrible losses. A player must be able to accept this, and still manage to keep going. They will come up short, but having the desire and the confidence to win is half the battle.
  • Exhaustion may come with sitting at the computer all day long. Finding a way to cope with being tired is a must. A player may not need to sit all day if they are playing high limit games, but for those who don't, the sitting for hours will get to be grueling.
  • Playing poker for a living will mean less time spent with the family. They may find it difficult to comprehend, but since this is the way the player makes money, this is one of the sacrifices.
  • Players who do this for a living will have no time for some of the really fun things in life and may become a social recluse.

Just as there are cons to this decision, there are also some positives to being a full-time poker player.

  • The best thing about playing poker for a living is not getting up at 8:00 in the morning to go to work. A player can set their own hours, and take off when they get ready. They will have the freedom to play as often or as little as they want to.
  • Players will have the advantage of being as aggressive as they choose. They can change their personalities as often as they please to accommodate the other players. The feelings and sentiments of the other players have no bearing on the full-time poker player.
  • The player learns to deal with bad hands, and be ready for the next deal. They can be explosive if they choose, or just change their game strategy. They will have many opportunities to do this.

Many gamblers are confident that they are the best at playing poker, and that they can make a reasonable living doing so. It takes a person who knows the game thoroughly, and who actually won quite a bit of money while playing. Playing poker for a living is not for everyone.



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