Free Spins

Free spins tend to stand out in online casinos. These spins can be found everywhere nowadays and casino fans love the spin. The fans are also glad that they can receive these spins so frequently.

In this article, we seek to explain and provide information on every detail that makes free spin essential in mobile and online casinos in 2021.

Carefully read along as we take you through the rudiments of no deposit free spins, how to calculate conditions, the minimum free spins you will often see online, how to convert free spins to real money, how to receive the free spin bonus, a list of the most recent free spins promotions, and how you can get the best free spin bonus.

This article gives you a full guide to free spins and helps you to find the right online casino to use the spins in South Africa in 2021. Well, let’s get digging.

Free Spins Casinos

There are hundreds or even thousands of online casinos that offer free spins. At Casinoble, we select only the best of these casinos and recommend them to you.

You can find these casinos in our list of online casinos in 2021. These casinos have been recommended because they met all our requirements and passed out tests. Thus, they guarantee you the greatest casino game experience you have ever had.

Free Spins No Deposit

In 2021, free spins no deposit are getting bigger attention than any other online casino promotion. The casino bonus has risen to number 1 in 2021 because it allows players to play without spending their money at any live casino.

It also gives players the chance to big wins if they satisfy the bonus conditions. This is why we first talked about no-deposit-free spins. Typically, players get a little amount of money when they register at an online casino and play the games there.

No deposit free spins are not only for new casino customers but are usually available to old customers as compensation for their loyalty or to enable them to enjoy games that are newly launched.

Latest Free Spin Bonuses

There are several free spin bonuses available in 2021. They come in different varieties and they multiply even as more casino sites are coming up.

At Casinoble, we take interest in these free spins, which is why we check and test all the latest free spin offers that we find attractive. Our test determines whether we can recommend the free spins to our readers or not.

These latest free spins bonuses include some cashback bonuses that contain free spins, as well as free spins no deposit bonus. If you want to know more about these latest free spins bonuses, you can always watch ut for our Casinoble articles and guides.

Finding The Best Free Spins Bonus

By now, you already know the various free spins available on the internet. However, it is another thing to get a free spin that will suit you. This is because free spins bonuses differ according to one’s taste, thus making it hard to fight the right one.

Our guide and steps at Casinoble will help you find the bonus you desire in no time when next you are looking for spins casinos.

Below are the exact steps to watch out for to enable you to get the 2021 top free spins bonuses:

  • Compare Free Spins: You will have to learn how to compare free spins. Casinoble can help you with this using our list of selected top free spins available in 2021. So, you can easily compare them and choose your most preferred bonus.
  • Keep What You Win: All players want to keep the money they win from bonuses. Thus, they must have the options of ‘no wager’ or ‘keep what you win’. These options will guide players to know if they can take their winning chances or if they will need to enter a warren of wagering requirements.
  • No Winning Cap: It is not automatic for players to hit a jackpot when they play with free spins. This is where a no winning cap comes in. In a no winning cap, the online casino places a limit to the amount of money that players can win when using free spins. The limit is usually something modest, and it can range from 10 to 1000 ZAR. This is why it is equally important for players to choose an offer that matches their playing style.
  • Betting Limits: Casinos set wagering limits because they must also protect themselves. A wagering limit will tell players how much their free spin is worth when used in a lot and how much they can wager. Each online casino usually indicates the betting limit to players. As you will expect, the betting limit of each casino can be different. It all depends on their offer.

Claiming Your Free Spin Bonus

You are probably wondering how you can get a free spins bonus. Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. You must do exactly what the online casino requires you to do.

Here are a few tips to get the situation in your control:

  • Choose Bonus: Like we stated earlier, there are many bonuses available, but you must choose the one which is right for you. Do not settle for just any bonus because of the money attached to it. Play it safe. We recommend that you carefully analyze the top free spins bonuses available to know if it right for you or not before choosing it.
  • Free Spins Code: You need to find out if the bonus you have comes with a code or not. If it comes with a code in it, you must enter it shortly after you have registered. If the bonus does not have a code, this implies that you have registered for nothing.
  • Register for Bonus: Most casino players love it when they get bonuses immediately after registration. However, it doesn’t always work like that. In most cases, players will be required to choose their preferred bonus at registration. If a player forgets to choose the bonus, such a player will not be entitled to any bonus later.
  • Disposal of Bonus: Online casinos often split bonuses into different stages, such that players hardly get all the bonuses immediately even if the bonus promises 2000 ZAR. This implies that players are more likely to receive free spins and some of the money with one deposit while they get the remaining free spins and money with an additional deposit. So, take note!

Calculate the Wagering Requirement

Many online casino players do not want to see wagering requirements on their free spins bonuses, yet they are still prevalent. This is because wagering requirements prevent players from cheating online casinos.

It is no news that some players will just want to take the money and free spin and leave the casino to another. So, every casino player must be well informed about wagering requirements attached to free spins bonuses. Here are the most essential things you should know:

  • Winnings: players must know how much their bonus can fetch them once they meet the terms and conditions.
  • Terms & Conditions: although many people ignore this and quickly agree to it. We advise that you read it carefully and thoroughly at least twice because it contains vital information about the whole free spins and other related things.
  • Multiplier: you must have heard of the famous multiplier. The multiplier will enable you to know if you should play the bonus 75x, 50, 40x, or even 25x. Note that it is the lesser the better.
  • Calculation: you must calculate your winnings. For instance, you have 100 ZAR and your multiplier is 25x, you will have to multiply both to get 2500 ZAR. This implies that before you can cash out your money, you must reach 2500 ZAR.
  • Amount: the implication of the calculation above is that you will not be able to take a 100 ZAR bonus as real money until you reach 2500 ZAR.

Turning Free Spins Winnings into Real Money

Online casinos are not usually pleased if you win real money using the free spins they offered you. The primary goal of the free spin bonus is to attract new players to the casino. It is not intended to give the new customers a large amount of real money.

This is why casino makes it difficult for players to win real money when playing with free spins. At Casinoble, we want to aid you to get real money from free spins without hassle.

  • Terms & Conditions: make sure you digest the terms and conditions of the casino site, looking at the times and games available.
  • Amount: you must first check the wagering requirements to know how much you have to make before you can take out the money.
  • Slot Characteristics: you need to know the slots that are best to bet with free spins in addition to knowing the slots included in the offer by the casino. For instance, if you play unstable slots, you will have to play for longer. This implies that your chances of reaching the amount the casino requires from you will be increased.
  • Return to Player: you must have heard of RTP. Well, it’s equally important as it helps you to ascertain the amount of money the slot will bring. So, it is the next thing to check after choosing your slot. For example, if the slot has a 97% RTP, this implies that you will make at least 97  ZAR for every 100 ZAR you play.
  • Slot Machines for Wagering: Some of our recommended games are the Beautiful Bones Slots, Gemix Slot, Steam Tower Slot, Starbust, the book of Atem, and Bonanza Slots.
  • Luck: luck is also an important atom in the slot, although it depends solely on the player and their gaming session.

Free Spins Bonuses Explained

We have now come to the interesting part where we get to talk about the free spins bonuses. Like we have stated earlier, there is an unlimited amount of bonuses available and they all vary and can bring different results.

Read along as we explain the most crucial things you should know about real money, live casinos, keep what you win, no wagering, mobile casinos, loyalty, welcome, sign-up, deposit registration, and no deposit. Let’s get started!

Welcome Free Spins

These free spins are quite popular. It usually comes with a welcome bonus. In this case, they come in chunks of free spins and are only available for specific games (the casino will inform you about the games).Welcome free spins are also usually divided into diverse deposits that form part of the welcome bonus.

Free Spins No Deposit

Like we stated at the start of this article, no deposit-free spins are currently the most favorite of all free spins. You can get no deposit free spins without opening your wallet at an online casino. All that is required of you is to sign up, then, the online casino will automatically put the bonus in your account.

Free Spins on Registration

There is a reward for registering at an online casino. Free spins are one of such rewards players get on registration. Free spin bonus is like virtual money which can be used only on the casino site.

It is similar to when one has a voucher that can be used to shop only where it was issued.  Free spins are given to players when they register to serve as a welcome bonus to explore the platform.

Free Spins with Deposit

It is now common for players to get a good number of free spins when they make a deposit. The online casino finds this as an ideal way to give players amounts like 200, 100, or 50 free spins.

Loyalty Free Spins

No matter the casino, online casinos usually reward their loyal customers. For instance, customers who make a regular deposit or visit the casino site regularly will get free spins to encourage them to keep on doing so.

Sign-up Free Spins

Sign-up free spins are the exact opposite of no registration free spins. They come only when you sign-up at the casino. They can often be a no-deposit such that you can use them to try out the latest slot in the casino. It can also be used to encourage players to find out a new software provider.

Free Spins at Live Casino

This is another modern option. These free spins are not available for slots but rather for games like Dream Catcher or Live Roulette. In reality, these free spins are limited because there are only a few of them in live casino games.

Free Spins at Mobile Casinos

As we all know that mobile casinos have become the new trend. Many sports betting sites and casino players have become mobile because they find it easier. In essence, there are lots of free spins available at mobile casinos.

However, these free spins are limited to mobile versions and apps to attract mobile customers of 2021.

Free Spins No Wagering

Players who seek free spins always hunt for this bonus type because it is the most attractive of all. No wagering free spins do not require any wagering requirement such that player can get their free spin winnings immediately. This is why most players love this type of bonus.

Free Spins and Winning Real Money

The same case as no wagering free spins also applies to free spins and real money win. These types of free spins are instantly converted into real money which reflects in the player’s account. That is why we recommend these free spins to you if you see them.

Free Spins Keep What You Win

The ‘keep what you win’ are the third most famous option of all the free spin bonuses. The bonus is quite self-explanatory. It implies that if a player plays a slot and wins, he/she gets to keep the win without any string attached from the casino. This is why many players are always in search of this free spins bonus in 2021.

Free Spins Synonyms

There are many synonyms to free spins on the internet. Free spins have different names in different languages. However, they all mean the same, so do not panic.

However, it is a good idea if you can recognize or at least learn the different synonyms that free spins have so that you do not get left out when next you visit a casino for an adventure.

Below are the 5 most prevalent free spin synonyms

  • Power Spins
  • Extra Spins
  • Real Spins
  • Super Spins, and;
  • Bonus Spins

Responsible Gaming 

As a responsible website, we at Casinoble always emphasize the importance of responsible gaming in all our articles. We always seize every opportunity to establish that responsible gaming is a must for anyone who gambles or plays online especially our readers.

Responsible gaming is our top priority at Casinoble, that is why we tailor our guides to stimulate the understanding and knowledge of what goes on at sport betting sites and online casinos.

So, if you feel you are unable to control your gambling habits at any time or gambling is probably disrupting your lifestyle, do not hesitate to seek help.

We advise you to ask for help from any support agency at your reach. You do not have to be ashamed of the situation. Remember that you will only be able to enjoy fun and safe gambling if you control your gambling habits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I redeem a free spin at online casinos?

You can get free spins at online casinos in many ways. The most common method is to get a free spin on your first deposit or when you sign-up for the first time.

How will I know if I am eligible for a free spin bonus?

Free spins bonuses might entail much more than you think, so you will always have to find the right one. We recommend that you go through our guide on free spins to find out the one that matches your playing style.
Reading through the guide will also empower you with the knowledge of various types of free spins and also what is involved when accepting an offer.

How can I find the top 2021 free spins bonuses?

It can be quite challenging to find the top free spin bonuses but it is not impossible. That is why we are dedicated to checking and verifying the top free spins bonuses in South Africa at Casinoble.
All that is required of you is to go through our list of online casinos and bonuses and choose the one you prefer most.

When is the perfect time to use your free spins?

Well, this depends on several factors. For example, if you want to explore a new online casino for the first time and play its slots, then you should use the registration or no deposit free spin.
However, you must remember that the free spins are for a limited time and limited to specific games.

Why are there many types of free spins in online casinos?

This is because each free spin has its usage. So it all depends on what a player wants from a casino. That is why there are no wager free spins, no deposit free spins, free spins with a deposit, and free spins for live casinos.

What are the top 2021 free spins casinos?

In South Africa, many online casinos offer free spins. However, we advise you not to choose the one that gives the most free spins or the first one that comes to your screen.

Go through our list of recommended 2021 free spins casinos to find the one that suits your type of play.

Can I use the free spins I get from a casino in another casino?

The answer is no, free spins are not like bitcoin, pound, or ZAR that can work on any platform. Free bets or free spins can only be used on the site that issued them.

Where can I use my free spins?

Free spins always come with bonus conditions that will tell you where the free spins will be available. It will also inform you how you can use them so that you can turn them into real money.

Can I receive free spins without depositing at an online casino?

No deposit free spins allow players to play roulette or slots without making a money deposit. They are even the most famous bonus in 2021 and are easy to find.

What is the difference between free bets and free spins?

There is no major difference between the two asides from the usage. Free bets are associated with sports bets like golf, tennis, football, or boxing and they help you to boost your bet. On the other hand, free spins are linked to online casinos and also to slots.