Live Bet on Teen Patti From Ezugi: All You Need to Know

Over time, many players have fallen in love with Live Teen Patti. Although players don't have many options now, Ezugi is ready to establish a global footprint and this is a variant of the Teen Patti game.

In the Bet on Live Teen Patti game, the player doesn't bet against a dealer but another player. The other players then bet on the outcome of the bet between the two players. This way, an unlimited number of players can participate in the casino game at the same time and get a unique experience.

How is The Game?

The name Ezugi is one that stands out when it comes to the quality of games. However, they have a lot of improvement to make in terms of their live casino game studios. The studio design is just average in the description if we are to place it side by side with what some of their other competitors put into their design.

The Bet on Teen Patti game only has a single camera view, which is not the best that it can be. Multiple views provide a different perspective and make the gameplay less boring.

However, the user interface is beautiful and appealing to look at. It is intuitive and offers an immersive user experience. The live streaming quality is top-notch with no chance of hic-ups. During our time reviewing the Bet on Live Teen Patti game, we never encountered any form of technical challenges whatsoever.

How it is Played

We will advise that you take out some time to understand how this game works and the applicable rules before setting out to play. Well, we will try to simplify it for you here.

The dealer hands out three cards to the two players. The card is scored based on their poker value, and the player with the upper hand is declared the winner. It is just like the regular three-card poker that most online casino players are familiar with. In fact, the name “Teen Patti”  simply means three cards in Hindi.

In the regular Teen Patti, you are required to bet against the dealer and place an Ante bet. However, in the bet on the variant, you can simply choose a player to bet against. This makes it simple and faster than the regular one. Also, only a single deck of cards is used, and it is shuffled at the end of each round.

The live Bet on Teen Patti game is a hit or miss game where you can either win or lose. The chances of both occurring are 50/50, just like a head or tail bet on a coin flip. This makes it challenging to work with any strategy. However, you can decide to place side bets as well. There are two basic side bets, which are:

  • Pair Plus: Here, you bet that the player who you are wagering on will have a pair or better. The payout of this side bet is dependent on the strength of the poker hand.
  • 3+3 Bonus: This side bet involves the combination of each hand to see if it will form a 3 of a kind.

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