Knowing the Payout Percentage For Slot Machines

The slot machine is well-known to both the old and the young anywhere in the world. It is an easy casino game and quite fun to play, so little wonder why people are crazy about it! I bet you can hear the animated music in your head, and can picture the animations as they roll, so we are not surprised about its popularity.

Slots machine makes up about 70% of the gambling industry in the US. Surprised? I bet not!

How Big of A Deal Is The Slot Machine?

The old slot machines are a part of the culture because of how easy it is to play them and to win too. Its popularity can also be traced back to its long existence, probably older than other gaming machines.

A win can be as fast as the loss, no wonder gamblers know it too well. It is now more popular in mobile casino than in land-based stores or casinos. It is even more popular online with its shiny gems and huge dragons, but that is not the only reason people play it.

The percentage payout of this easy game is high. Meaning, your winnings might not be huge, but neither will your losses be. Imagine you play a hundred times, you stand a chance of winning 95 times. So slot machines have a high payout percentage.

How Slot Machines Pay

Though the game has been established to have a high payout returns, gamblers, however, have one concern with the slot machines. They worry that since these machines run on software, could the casinos or the owners be tampering with the rates of winning? Slot machines run on an RNG- Random Number Generator, it is a software.

The RNG does randomly generate numbers when a player punches a button. Whether you see animations or numbers, the same mechanism works. The output is solely dependent on software.

However, the bitcoin casino game players do not need to worry about this at all. Some agencies monitor these scores for randomness. So, no, you are not being ripped off. In essence, the machines cannot be tampered with.

A good RNG will ensure a slot machine’s payout returns. In other words, if we divide your winning, it must equal the amount that has already been played by people other than you. That is the payout return. Note that this calculation depends on the time it is being calculated, and there is no limit.

If you want to calculate the payout return of any machine, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The player’s performance on the slot,
  • The performance of other players on the same machine,
  • Compare the performance of similar slot machines,
  • Look at the reviews.

Bettors should initially bet between 20 to 25 times to determine its payout returns. Go get some coins!

Lerato Dlamini

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