Jumanji Slot: How to Play

For movie lovers, this name would ring a bell. Since 1995, Jumanji has enjoyed great success in the USA box office.  Hollywood capitalized on this success and decided to re-shoot the movie in the years 2018, starring great actors. Some of these include Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black.

Jumanji movie brought in a staggering $ 676 million worldwide at the box office.  In an attempt not to be left out of the opportunity that the movie popularity presents, NetEnt collaborated with Sony Pictures to create the film-based slot game.

About Jumanji

The Jumanji slot game is a 3D variability online casino slot with vibrant visual animation, 36 pay lines, and five reels.

The maximum payout per spin is about 1000 times the stake, but the average RTP or player return is just over 96%.

The reel symbols include the following:

Crocodile, Lion, From Jack to Ace, Rhino, Pelican, Wild, and Scatter.  The symbol that carries the most points is that of the lion.  If you hit 5 with your max bet, you increase your stake by 14x.


The Jumanji slot game has a vast number of bonus rounds.  The overview of each of them is as follows.

Sticky Vine

Here, a re-spin is given. The symbols participating in the winning combination remain on the reel, while the other symbols rotate around it. The function ends when there are no more winning combinations.

Monkey Mayhem

When all the symbols are mixed, you are sure to get a winning combination.

Wild Stampede

When the bonus game is played, a die line appears on the screen.  A horde of Rhinos trample the reels and add 4-9 wild ones.

Every end of the board game has a free spins feature.  This special function gets triggered whenever three or more variances of different Jumanji plates are displayed. 

Just like it is in the movie, you must roll two hexagonal dice to move the game pieces on the board—three, four, or five splashes yield six, seven, or eight dice.  As a result, you can access one of four free spins, mysterious features, prizes, and other roles.

The Free spins functionality

Vine free spins

For each winning pair formed, ten free and respins will be allowed.  Like the sticky vine in the base game.  Here, the vine is caught in the wild and stays on rollers during the performance.

Monsoon free spins

You will receive 7 Monsoon Wild Free Spins.  Typically, each free game can have one or two games.

Monkey free spins

This feature offers six free spins.  The interesting aspect is for each free spin, a withdrawal is certain.

Stampede Free Spins

Each free game will play five free spins combined with 4-9 wilds.

Mystery feature

This feature offers a combination of free spins for coin wins and extra rolls that get multiple payouts up to 10 times the amount staked and a few dice in the circle.

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