How to Play the Great Game Craps

Craps is easily one of the most exciting live casino games in all of gambling. Here's a little information on what makes the game so exciting and how you play.



The game is so exciting because it's a very participatory game. Meaning, people bet on the outcome of rolls, so many of the people betting are all in it together. This creates a sense of camaraderie that blows up the excitement when you keep winning. It's possible to bet against everyone else of course, but betting with the table, in general, is often more fun since it's like a sporting event where everyone is cheering.

This environment is usually perfectly preserved even in Live Dealer games, so you can even get the energy going online without a problem if you so choose.

Basics of Play

Craps is a pretty easy game to understand. There's a long table and there are places for making bets. Then there is the person at the end of the table who is called the “shooter” who is rolling two dice. Those placing bets have to do so before the die is thrown. The basic parts of betting here are that you can either bet “Pass” or “Don't Pass.” One a regular Pass bet, you win your bet if the die comes up as 7 or 11.

It's that easy. If the roll comes up on “crap” numbers 2,3 or 12, then you lose your bet. Anything else and the bet just continue. If any other number is rolled, like a 5, this becomes the “Point” the number for the next round. Once the next round starts, the shooter has to roll the point number and then after that, they will want to roll a 7 to make the Pass betters win. If they roll a 7 first, then they lose.

It's that easy. You can add a lot of other types of bets to this if you want, but those are the basics.

Other Considerations

The first phase of the game is called the “Come-Out” phase. This goes until the first number is rolled. After that, it's the Point phase. One thing that's worth considering here also is the difference with Live Dealer games. Essentially, the game isn't that radically different. A dealer handles the “shooter” duties, and another dealer handles the stick which is used to push the bets around the table. Just about everything else is the same, and you can chat with other betters who are in the same boat as you with everyone betting Pass. This is what creates the excitement.

Depending on the casino, you may even be able to hear and interact more with other betters. At the least, you can see the dealers though, and sometimes they may even have other betters in the studio, depending on the situation.

It's also possible to bet against the table if you wish. This is called a “Don't Pass” bet. So, this kind of bet is exactly the opposite as the Pass bet for the table. It means that if a 7 or 11 is rolled, you lose. If there's instead a 2, 3, or 12 bets, then you win while the rest of the table loses. Many people consider this to be not as fun however since you're being the villain at the table. Who knows though, some people like playing the villain! It all just comes down to your personal preference, generally speaking. Craps has so many options which are what makes it fun.



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