How To Play Evolution No Commission Baccarat

Quite different from almost all live table games Baccarat is always based on commission. Technically, its Return to Player (RTP) rate is 100 percent by default, but 5 percent commission is charged by online casinos on every Banker bet.

This takes us into the outstanding No Commission Baccarat feature, which is the lack of commissions. Evolution gaming opted to change the payouts minimally and make a house edge more standard. This resulted in an excellent RTP rate of 98.94 percent that outshines almost all live casino games you can find.

Apart from what's obvious, this change will likely also influence how you play No Commission Baccarat. Apart from that, this game has a stream of high-quality and six side bets.

No Commission Baccarat: How to Play

The simplicity of Baccarat is one of its attractive features, so you don’t have to start wondering how you can play No Commission Baccarat. If you're aware of the casino game's primary rules, you will feel at home. There's an arrangement of several betting chips at the bottom, and you've got to place bets within 15 seconds. The user interface of Evolution makes figuring out anything that's going on quite seamless. You've even got the chance to check out the way other players are staking.

The standard Baccarat rules state that if the value of the dealer is six, the dealer instantly wins that round. If you opt to wager on the Banker the moment this happens, you'll only be paid half of your stake so Evolution can balance out the lack of commissions in No Commission Baccarat.

More Features of No Commission Baccarat

Apart from the normal betting on the player, the Banker, or tie options, there are six total side bets. Fair enough, who you back is just the only difference between Player and Banker Pairs. It's also the same when it comes to Banker and Player Bonus, so it's safe for us to say that there are four side bets.

  • Banker or Player Pairs: This pays out if the first two cards of any of the players or bankers are a pair. Make sure to know that you're only able to make a Pairs bet only on any of either side. It pays out 11:1
  • Perfect Pair: You win if any of either side hits any perfect pair, and that denotes two cards that have the same suit and value. If a side gets it, the payout is 25:1, while if Perfect Pairs is hit by the two sides the payout is 250:1.
  • Super 6: You win this if there's an automatic win with a value of 6 by the banker. The odds payout is 15:1, which is above average.
  • The Banker or Player Bonus: You earn this if either the Banker or player wins with a difference of four points or a natural eight or nine.


A standard win's payout is usually 1:1. One exception is the banker win of 6 values that we stated earlier – 0.5:1.


  • In general, the lack of commissions is a fantastic thing.
  • The betting odds are excellent.
  • It's player-friendly, intuitive, and of a creative design.


  • The changed rules do not encourage betting with no side bets.
  • A couple of online casinos provide odds that vary.

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