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Who does not know the one-armed bandit, also called slot? The slot machine has been an indispensable part of casinos for many years. But also, in online casinos it has become a real classic. The functionality is simple, the game variants are versatile, and the fun factor is high. But do you know the history of these slot machines? We'll tell you – but don't worry, it's anything but boring. We'll also tell you how the slot machine works and what tricks and tips there are to increase your chances of winning.

How Slots Work

Let's turn to how the slot machine works. The concept is really simple as pie. The conventional slot works like this: You toss a coin into the machine and press a button to trigger the start of the game. The reels, which have symbols on them, start spinning. Most often you will find slots with five reels and three symbols each.

As soon as the reels stop spinning, you will be shown a certain combination of symbols. If you are lucky and you get the right combination, you will be paid your winnings. This usually happens when you get three or more matching symbols. You get your winnings in the form of money or free spins, for example.

Hit that Jackpot 

Many slots have a so-called jackpot system. Most of the time this is a “progressive jackpot”. Sounds difficult, but it is quite simple. You deposit a certain amount, can play with it and get paid a share of the jackpot if you win. The more players play, the higher the jackpot becomes. In some cases, casinos join together, and the jackpot gets higher and higher that way. The payout ratio is the small catch of slot machines. You usually only get paid an amount up to a certain sum. However, you can take a closer look at the payout ratio before playing and consider whether it is worth it for you or not.

Two Golden Tips and Tricks for Slots

It is said that there are always players who have not understood the meaning of a slot machine. They try to hack the slot machines to win the casino game. Do they get away with it? No way. The real professional players win with clever tricks. That's why we have two slot machine tricks for you on a plate. With them you will become a pro in our online casino in no time.

Since we were already on the subject of jackpots, let's start right here. Always keep an eye on the jackpot.  Sometimes you are only entitled to the jackpot if you have deposited a minimum amount. Always make sure that you have enough bet to be entitled to the jackpot. If you deposit more into the jackpot, you will also get paid more. Since each slot has a different payout percentage, we advise you to look around carefully and choose a slot that suits you instead of just playing it. Look at the different slots and compare them with each other. Also, be ready to lower your bet if you realize that you are at your personal limit. There is no shame in that! There is always another day and another game. Patience is the key to winning.

Another trick that is so simple that most players forget it: Pay attention to the paylines. If a slot has many paylines, your chance of winning is naturally higher. Also, you must be able to choose the paylines freely. It is worth taking a close look here as well. We know that you probably can't wait to play, but again, we can only give you one wise Casinoble tip: Take your time!



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