GVC New Specialist Set to Improve Means of Player Protection; Releases PlayPause Through BetMGM

GVC Holdings has partnered with Nottingham Trent University Professor of Behavioral Addiction and Psychology, Dr. Mark Griffith, for the enhancement of the company's player protection technology. Dr. Griffiths is tasked with auditing GVC responsible gaming guidelines and processes as well as suggesting what should be improved.

Enhancing Player Protection

Using his 30 years-plus worth of experience in the study of addiction and online behavior, Dr. Griffith's job is to bring advancement to the way players are protected. Dr. Griffith's recommendations will help in creating the Advanced Responsibility & Care (ARC) program.

ARC is aimed at enhancing player protection by analyzing player behavior. The provided data will be protection indicators for Data Scientists of GVC in the creation of models that can easily predict and analyze online casino players.

Mobile casino players will be given a risk rating garnered from play patterns and several other factors. In addition, the players will also be monitored in real-time while several analysis tools will help in improving players' protection.

Dr. Griffith's findings will be useful in developing safer measures and methods of interventions for problem gamblers. For the determination of the necessary improvement, Dr. Griffith will have access to over 160 million players' behaviors. This global database of GVC will be useful in his data collection.

Official Partner of PlayPause

GVC has also released an announcement regarding their new partner, Conscious Gaming. Getting access to PlayPause, the innovative tool to aid responsible gambling, GVC is now the first user of PlayPuase. BetMGM, on the other hand, is the first to enable the integration of the essential tools.

PlayPause was first revealed in the earlier part of the month as a means of ensuring the Company's Sustainability Charity. The initiative is the first of the United States' Charter.

According to Shay Segev, the CEO of GVC, the company is thrilled about being the first user and official partner of PlayPause.GVC opines that accountability is the greatest feature of any successful operator. Thus, using the PlayPause multi-state method towards being accountable as a game provider ensures the customers' experiences are filled with safety and enjoyment.

PlayPuase has provided an option for customers to exclude themselves whenever they engage in interstate travel. To help the system, the company has created a means of collating data of the self-excluded players, who have the intention of being recognized in another state.

The announcement of these changes comes after GVC's declaration that it will be rebranding as Entain.



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