Ezugi Live Casino Hold’ Em Review

Ezugi Live Casino Holdem is a poker game, a type that you need a Live Dealer to play. You only use a single hand as well as a deck. Although you can play this game at the Evolution and  Playtech Live Casinos, but Ezugi presents it in a different way. Their approach added a special experience for players.

The real game takes place at their Bulgaria studio and they stream it live to everyone. They use English on the main table so it's easy for everyone to comprehend. You can easily learn how to play Live Casino Hold'em as a newbie.

Once you have a bankroll and you can make use of the 5 card poker hands, you are set. It's a fun casino game that will always keep you busy. Also, you can play Ezugi Live Casino Hold'em on a tablet, mobile phone, and desktop computer.

How to Play Ezugi Live Casino Hold’em

A single hand of Ezugi Live Casino Hold'em can be played by many people. There is no limit on the number of players. You are not tied to other players, so you are responsible for what you play. No matter how good or bad others play, it won't affect you.

The game makes use of Texas Hold'em poker techniques. Two cards are allotted to both the dealer and the player and then the Flop of three cards.  At this stage, you are faced with two options, which are play or fold. As a dealer, you shouldn't attempt to outsmart your opponent. Most times, players expect the dealer to fold. All spotlight is on the person with the best 5 card poker.

You will receive the river and turn cards in a case where you choose to play. Then the dealer will reveal the cards on hand. You will compare all cards and the better poker hand will win.

The way Live Casino Hold'em is being played at Ezugi is different.

Before the dealer can win the player's hands, he must have two 4s or greater. In a case where the dealer fails to qualify, the player gets the Call bet and wins. Both parties will get the Ante bet payment.

Bonus Side Bet

The Bonus side bet is where the real money is. This is possible because they have the best payouts, even better than that of the Ante bet. Also, you will get paid no matter the cards you have.

Other live casinos call this type of bet the Better side bet, the AA bet or the Aces bet. At Ezugi, they call it the Bonus side bet. You need the player's card and the flop cards to play this bet. Players win with a payout of 7:1 when they have two Aces. You get paid 20-1 when you have a Common Flush and 100:1 with Royal Flushes.

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