Evolution Gaming Live Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette lives freshly baked from the Evolution Gaming oven and comes with an exciting twist away from the regular European Roulette.

In 2018, this game was crowned as the product of the year at the Global Gaming Awards. Its unique features make it an improvement for Classic European Roulette. Players can win up to 500x multiplier in each round of the game if their bet and side bets lucky clicks on the positive side.

Lightning Roulette Strategy

Most Roulette games are about luck, and Live Lightning is not an exception, but with a few strategies in place, you can reduce the odds against you and maximize your wins. Kindly take note that the standard method for other forms of Roulette may not work here.

For example, doubling your stake in other to recoup previous loss can quickly diminish your bankroll. There are a couple of French bets that you can conveniently play.

Voisins du zero gives you the chance to bet in 17 different sections of the wheel; Le tiers du cylindre allows for 12, and Orphelins provides for 8. Also, you can bet for color or odd/even numbers rather than specific digits. These strategies are right but not a guarantee that who will win, so gamble responsibly.

Lightning Roulette Bonuses

Live Lightning is fast becoming one of the most sort after live casino games on Evolution Gaming even though it is relatively new. It is available for play in most online Casinos in South Africa.

Most online casinos that offer this game give you an amazing welcome bonus, which is another great benefit. However, there are wagering conditions to be met before you can withdraw the welcome bonus. For example, it must have been used in up to 35 games within 90 days. Each game has a different wagering condition, but for Live Lightning, it is around 10%.

Why You Should Play  Live Lightning Roulette

The main reason behind the fast rise in the acceptance of the Live Lightning Casino game is that it rebrands the player's favorite European Roulette and tops it with exciting new features and rewards. The multipliers can get up to 500x, which is uncommon for a Roulette game.

Well, we are aware that some lovers of Classic Roulette do not want anything but Classic, so we also recommend that you try Immersive Roulette. It is another live classic Roulette game on Evolution Gaming. Also, there is a fast speed Roulette and thematic London Roulette from Evolution Gaming that you can try.



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