Different Strategies to Improve Your Odds of Winning at Craps

If you are ready to go online and play a game of Craps, you might be interested in studying some easy-to-learn betting strategies. These include The Rothstein System, The Watcher System, Hedgebets and Hot and Cold Betting Systems. Once you have an understanding of these bets you will surely improve your odds of winning.


The Rothstein System is a variation of the Martingale System. You will start by putting a single bet located on the pass line. If you are a loser, you'll bet again. This time, however, the bet will be three units. Another loss, up your bet to seven units. An easier way to remember this is that each time you lose you need to double your bet. You'll then add one unit. If you win, after your first bet then you are ahead by one unit. Win the second bet and you're up two units. This cycle continues. Each time you win you start over with one unit.

The Watcher System has also been referred to as The Patience System. Before you start you need a minimum bankroll of $500. You then have a goal of winning $10 a day. You will be betting on the don't pass. First, you watch the game until there are four successful pass line bets. These need to occur consecutively. Then you place $10 on don't pass. Supporters of this betting system have determined the odds of the dice winning five successive throws to be 31 to 1. If this is so then you will win $10 each 31 out of 32 times.

But, if you lose, you will double your bet on don't pass. Your odds of six passes, in a row, are 63 to 1. Therefore, if you win you not only win your money back you will also get a little extra. If you lose you will double your bet again.

Hedge bets allow you, for example, to bet $20 on the pass line. This affords you eight ways to win with four ways to lose. There will be 24 results offering no results. If there are 36 rolls you will have won $20 eight times and lose $20 four times. You are not affected by the remaining times. Your average win will total $80.

You can bet $20 on a pass line and also a $5 bet on “any craps.” This allows you 12 ways to win and twice as many ways to lose. The final results might find you winning a total of $60 during the 36 rolls.

Finally, let's look at the Hot and Cold Betting System. The time to bet is when the shooter is red hot. The thing is to bet on the pass line but also betting the pass line if the shooter is cold. Confused? In other words, if the shooter wins, you go on and bet the pass line. When the shooter loses you switch your bet on the don't pass line. Switchback as soon as the shooter is a winner again. Your goal is to find someone on a hot winning streak, or a hot losing streak. Hopefully, you will win a lot of money after you determine these streaks.

Going with the best odds might be the best way you can win in craps. In this case, try betting the pass line or, if you prefer, the don't pass line. Whenever possible you can take or lay odds, if you do, take or lay the largest bet you can. This will reduce the house edge a great deal. Most likely this will help to make your dollar go much further. Good luck!



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