Deposit Bonus or Free Bets, Which Offers More Value?

Similar to their physical counterparts, all online casinos do promotional events. However, the most popular ones are the sign-in bonuses and free bets(For example, free spins). These bonuses aim to serve as incentives so that new players to gamble more in mobile casinos. Nevertheless, out of these two major bonuses, which is more preferred? This question is one that always bothers new players.

Nonetheless, the easiest way to answer this question is to compare the cost and benefit analysis of the two bonuses. However, to do that, we have to know what they are.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses work similarly to the same idea as free bets. They are there to serve as an incentive to lure new gamblers to gamble more and a way to jump-start your pot. However, the deposit bonus uses a different method. Free bets, as discussed, are simply no strings attached gander at playing. While for deposit bonuses, you have to deposit real money before you can have access to the bonus.

Free Bets

Free bets, generally, are like ghost money handout which serves as a betting wager. Let me explain, peradventure; you are given a ten dollars freebie, you can use it wager as you wish. The only “but” is if you win, you will not get your actual deposit returned. So let's assume you drop ten dollars in a. 3/1 odds wager, and you win. Your total win will be 30 dollars plus the ten dollars you used to wager(Your total earning = 40 dollars). But if what you wagered was a ten dollars freebie, you will not get the ten dollars back. Now, this is the commonest and simplest condition as far as the betting requirements are concerned.

Generally, some bitcoin casinos may have additional rules attached to them—like actual deposit requirements before the casino agrees to give you a freebie. Nonetheless, free bets are welcome bonuses. Hence, in nosh cases, you are just required to register an account, log in to the platform to get your free bets.

The Exemptions

Here is the catch, Casinos are businesses. Now, some persons, through devious means, find their way to multiple deposit bonuses. But in the case of those who play fairly, the casino always has the cake. The casino gets a big profit from the system.

Playthrough, known as wagering requirements, are almost always present in all deposit bonuses. Assuming the playthrough requirement is three times. That would mean you need to wager ZAR 300 (real money) before you can get a ZAR 100 bonus.

This also applies to free bets or spins. As a plus, you have to complete this playthrough within a short bracket of time. These, however, applies to just a few casino games and not for all that's in the casino games library.


As seen above, there is no clear answer to which of these welcome bonuses is better. The value they add depends on your priorities.

Lerato Dlamini

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