Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Scratchcard games may ring many bells for South African gamblers, who may remember physical national lottery tickets.

These days, there’s no need to find a lottery sales spot since scratch card games are now available via online casinos.

Online scratch card games are in every way similar to physical instant win lottery tickets, but the only difference is the availability: you can play scratch cards online anytime, anywhere, without ever leaving the house.

Our casino comparison brings the best online casinos to you for enjoying instant win scratchcards – choose the top online casino or keep reading to learn how scratch games work.

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Useful tips

  • Enjoy instant win scratch cards for a quick game session
  • Don't forget casino bonuses for a little boost
  • Only gamble on licensed casino sites


Playing scratchcards online may be extremely fun, not to even mention the winning potential.

However, many South African gamblers don’t even think about instant win games since these get outshined by slots or live casino games.

Nevertheless, scratchcards work well for South African players who’d like to enjoy a quick gambling session and don’t want to bother with learning any additional rules.

There are tens of high-quality online casinos out there offering various scratchcards, some of those even with special themes, bonus games or jackpots.

If you’d like to try some scratch card fun, make sure to check out the casino comparison list here at our site and give these casino games a try today.


Pros Cons

  • Scratchcards are extremely fast-paced
  • Quick instant cash prizes
  • No need to buy physical lottery tickets
  • May not have big jackpots
  • Not available at every casino
  • RTP may be quite low

Yes, you can play online scratch cards easily by signing up in online casinos that feature lottery games. Not all casinos may provide a scratch game range, but many do – and we’ve listed all of those casinos right here on our page!

The matter of which instant win scratchcards are the best depends largely on the gambler’s taste, but usually, you should look at the RTP. The best selection is made of the games with the highest return percentage and the best bonus prize rounds – that’s how you can choose the best game options for your taste.

You can find the best scratch card casinos in South Africa by checking out the comparison list here on our site. Sadly, scratch cards aren’t as popular as online slots or other casino games, so you won’t find them in every casino. We’ve done the research for you and listed casinos where you can enjoy a variety of lotto games.

Yes, you can win money with online scratchcards, just like with regular lottery tickets. Though the winning odds aren’t as high as with some other casino games, there’s still a chance to win money, depending on whether luck is on your side. If you’re lucky, you can win nice amounts with scratchcards.

You don’t need to break the bank to play scratchcards online. Most online scratch card games have very low bets, contrary to some live casino games or other gambling options. Online scratch cards have similar bet limits to physical lottery tickets.

Top 5 Casinos with Online Scratch Cards

Finding casinos with scratchcards may not be the easiest task since, contrary to slot games, scratch games are not available in all casinos, or at least there may not be the best variety available.

Luckily, there are many high-quality online casino sites with these fun games.

Scratch cards tend to be present in bigger online casinos that have an overall bigger game range – among all the games, you may also find lotto games.

The top online casinos with scratch cards, like the ones recommended here on our site, are licensed casino sites, where you can safely enjoy fun scratch cards together with other game options.

The highlighted online casinos tend to have better customer service, stronger game selection, remarkable bonus offers and a great user-friendly platform – these are just some of the factors that make the best casinos stand out among the rest.

How We Review Casinos

How We Review Casinos

How We Review Casinos

If you’d like to play online scratch cards, you first need to find the best casino sites, and this may not be the easiest task, considering that scratch cards are not available everywhere.

We’ve listed the best casino options for you above on this page, but you should also understand how we come up with these recommendations.

Below, we’ll uncover a few of the key factors that make up the decision process, and we recommend all South African players consider these pointers when choosing the best casino for their scratch card session.

Valid license

We shouldn’t even have to say this, but every casino should have a valid gambling license.

In fact, if you don’t find any evidence of an existing license, you should instantly steer clear of that casino.

There are hundreds of licensed, safe casinos out there, licensed by well-known authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Curacao eGaming.

Make sure to only sign up in casinos that are properly licensed.

Good bonuses

The best online casinos in the world organize regular bonuses and campaigns: it’s a standard that should be present everywhere, so it’s quite strange to encounter casinos without bonuses.

Naturally, our team puts a big focus on bonus offerings and related conditions.

Bonus conditions are especially important since some casinos may have strict wagering conditions and high playthrough requirements that are too tough to fulfil for the average gambler.

You can find currently available casino bonuses on our site, and as always, the more bonuses available in the casino, the better it is for South African gamblers.

Versatile game selection

In all honesty, you probably won’t sign up in the casino only to play scratch cards.

You may be curious about online lottery, but that won’t be the only thing keeping you on your toes at the casino.

The best online casinos should offer a rich variety of casino games, including slots, live dealer games, bingo, blackjack, roulette and other options.

We highly value gambling operators that provide a great range of software creators and thus have a versatile game portfolio.

Fair and flexible payments

You can only enjoy scratch cards online if the casino’s payments are speedy, easily available and hassle-free.

For that, we check each casino’s payment methods, ensuring there are all suitable methods for South African players, especially electronic wallets, card payments and possibly even cryptocurrency payments.

In addition to payment methods, it’s crucial for the casino to have fair payment terms – there shouldn’t be high withdrawal fees, and payments should be processed quickly (at least within 24-48 hours).

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest RTP

If you’re looking to play games with the highest possible RTP, then scratch cards, as a whole, may not be the best option since, traditionally, they may come with a lower RTP than other casino games.

That’s not a hard rule, though, and luckily, many game providers have come up with exciting scratch cards with a rather competitive RTP.

Below, we’re highlighting the top 5 scratch cards with the best RTP rates.

  • Lucky Numbers (RTP: 96.57%)

    Microgaming's Lucky Numbers is one of the highest RTP scratch cards out there.The game stuns with a multiplier that may go up to 5x, thus multiplying even smaller wins.Other than that, it's a rather classic game with not much action to it, but the maximum win of $200 000 makes it a worthwhile pick.

  • Whack a Jackpot (RTP: 96.30%)

    You may understand from the name that this scratch card is inspired by the Whack a Mole game.It's another Microgaming option and, again, with multipliers. It's a bit more 'complicated' scratch card, but the minimum bet is just $0.50, making it a fun scratch card to play (plus, winning possibly up to $50 000 is not too shabby either).

  • Wish Upon a Jackpot (RTP: 96.06%)

    While most scratch cards online don't have specific themes or fun nuances, this one is an exception.The game includes beautiful fairytale themes and a great bonus feature with mystery wins.Currently, the scratch card is only available in William Hill casino, but it's definitely one of the best options to try if looking for some themed online scratch cards.

  • The Pig Wizard (RTP: 95.82%)

    Not many online scratch cards have progressive jackpots, but this one is an exception: the game includes an amazing bonus feature and a jackpot option, so there's a lot to gain from the game.The scratch card comes with multipliers that may increase the wager even further.

  • Merlin’s Millions (RTP: 95.17%)

    NextGen's scratchcard, as the name refers, is based on the mythical wizard Merlin and King Arthur.Beautifully designed scratch card comes with a huge instant cash win, too, and the game's maximum win may be $250 000.

About Scratch Cards

About Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are online luck-based games where players need to match symbols to win money.

Symbols are first covered with a layer that has to be scratched off to reveal the symbols.

If there are matching symbols on the ticket, the player wins money.

This straightforward system makes scratch cards fun, easy to play and fast-paced, especially when playing online since there’s no need to physically remove the outer layer of the ticket.

However, to remind players of the physical scratch ticket, the online version has a virtual computerized scratching mechanism: you’ll have to drag the mouse across the screen to uncover the hidden symbols.

Usually, scratch card tickets are on the cheaper side and don’t require a big budget, so these games may work well for gamblers with a lower bankroll.

On the downside, scratch cards have one of the lowest RTPs of the iGaming industry: most scratch cards tend to stay under 95%, some even around 90-92%, whereas online slots tend to have an RTP over 96%.

About Scratch Cards

History of Scratch Cards

It’s hard to find people who haven’t heard of a scratch card or instant wins with lottery games – these are some of the most infamous and traditional luck-based games.

Lottery games are common worldwide and have existed in every country for many years.

Scratch cards are especially popular in the UK and USA, though, where you could say playing scratch cards is something akin to a national sport.

While the history of scratch cards dates back many decades, the game has taken off way faster thanks to online casino sites that feature virtual scratch card options.

Today, South Africans can start playing online scratch cards easily and quickly by just opting for a reputable online casino.

Even more, scratch cards are now available via a mobile device, thanks to mobile-optimized casinos.


Predictions about Scratch Cards

The online gambling world has a bright future: the industry is ever-increasing, with more and more gamblers worldwide discovering the appeal of playing online.

According to statistics, the global gambling market may achieve the level of 93 billion dollars by 2027.

Considering these statistics, one may assume that scratch cards have a bright future, too, but this question is still up in the air since scratch cards aren’t actually as popular as in the past.

The reason for that may be the sheer volume of online slots available to South African gamblers: slots may take the main focus, and players will simply forget all about lottery games.

Looking at the current trend in most online casinos, it’s possible that scratch cards may not become more popular – it may remain a narrow niche that’s enjoyed by those who are looking for instant win games and fast-paced action.



Lottery ticket – A ticket incorporating different symbols or numbers, used in luck-based lotto games.

RTP – Return to percentage, a theoretical percentage describing the player’s chance to win.

Bonus game – A special game round that may involve additional prizes, sometimes activated with certain bonus symbols or other mechanics.

Jackpot – The biggest win possible to obtain from the casino game. Most games don’t have a dedicated jackpot pool but just have a certain maximum win. Jackpot may be a special bonus obtainable inside the game.

Bet – The money used on one game round, a.k.a to play for real money.

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