Beginner At Sic-Bo? Here are tips for you

Sic-Bo is the famous dice game you see in the movies where the protagonist goes to Las Vegas casinos and impresses the girl with his gambling skills. Sic-Bo is not a new game. Its roots date back to ancient China, and that’s why it has massive popularity in Asia. Even if you are a master in other live casino games, Sic-Bo is something you need to understand the basics of. So, let’s look at the Sic-Bo guide for dummies:


Sic-Bo: A Definition

Sic-Bo also called Dai Siu, or Tai Sai is a dice game that utilizes three pieces of dice. After throwing the dice on the board, each dice have 1/6 probability of showing a specific result. For understanding better, the chances of 4 (four dots) appearing after a throw of dice are one in a six.

So what is your job? To only shake the dice? No. You have to guess the outcome of the dices to win. That’s simple.

How to play it?

Sic-Bo is relatively simple and very newbie-friendly. But you need to understand on which odds you can bid on. There could be several types of outcomes from the rolling of the dices. You need to place your bets on the result you think will happen. Yes, it is that simple. You need to know about what kind of outcomes you can bid on.


The outcome or the odds are not so hard to understand, and if you are a new player in casino games, Sic-Bo can be a suitable choice for you. Here are the bets of Sic-Bo:

  • Total – After the rolling of the dices, any number between 3 and 18 can be the total. You can guess the sum of the dices, and if it comes true, you can win the money you have a bet. There could be many different pay-out for this and one can win a ridiculous amount of money. Total is the simplest form of Sic-Bo, but most of the professional players prefer other types of betting which take us to the following outcome:
  • High/Low – Betting on the exact total can seem ridiculous and there is a small chance of winning. That is why there is a High/Low odd where you can bet on. You can choose either 4 to 10 or 11 to 17. And if the total falls under your assumption, you win. The pay-out is 1:1, which means you win the exact amount that you have a bet. Note that triple 3s and 6s means bets have been lost.
  • Odd/Even – This one is super simple. You have to guess if the total of the dices will be an odd or even number. There is a high chance of winning, and the pay-out is 1:1.
  • Any Number – You can bet on any number that is the result of a rolling. The payback varies according to the number of times you are placing the bet.
  • Two dice combinations – From 15 possible outcomes, you have to choose what will be the number shown in two dices.
  • Double – There is a good chance of two dice having the same number. You need to bet on which number is going to appear, and you will win a pay-out of 8:1 upon winning.
  • Any triple – Sometimes, thee dices can have the same number. You can bet on any triple except 111, 222… to win money. The pay-out is also significant, being a ratio of 24:1.
  • Triple – Very rare to happen, yet, everyone wants to try it because of the 150:1 pay-out. You have to guess which one of the 666, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111 will happen.

Now that you know about the specific details go and win some money.

Lerato Dlamini

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