Baccarat Dragon Bonus from Eguzi: How to Play

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is another baccarat game from Ezugi that is available on partner casinos. It is probably the most popular baccarat game from this developer. For most parts of the game, its rule is entirely the same as the regular baccarat game. The only distinguishing feature is the excellent side bets that it offers.

The side bets offer unique payout possibilities up to 30x, hard to come across in a baccarat game or variant.

How to play

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus game is hosted by Ezugi's studio situated in the regions of Latin America. The studio is equipped with modern electronic gadgets that make the live streaming of the gaming event clean and seamless.  The display is crisp, and the players get to watch the event in full HD.

The game is compatible for play on most devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The player may only need to update his flash player and watch everything work flawlessly. The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is accessible at any time of the day that is convenient for you. The live dealers are part of why players can't have enough of this game as they are well trained, professional, and fun to be with.

Although Ezugi has a very rigorous process of selecting their dealers, only the best of them get to handle the live Baccarat Dragon Bonus. They do this since this game is a bit difficult than other baccarat live casino games and the rules are slightly harder. Thus, the dealers who handle the games are the best of the best. In fact, players usually leave them some tip via the tipping feature.

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is legal and duly licensed by the Curacao gaming authority. It has also been verified by BMM, ItechLabs, RSG-Eclipse, and SCG Bulgaria.

Game Features

  • This game gives players the opportunity to make a series of side bets apart from the main game. The betting reward for the main game has an odd of 1:1 for the player and 0.95:1 for the banker bet. The tie bet pays more than both since it is the least likely to happen. Therefore the odd is 8:1.
  • The most interesting and rewarding aspect of the Baccarat Dragon Bonus is the side bets. They offer mind-boggling bonuses that can be up to 30:1 in odds. This is the exact reward that the Non-natural win side bet offers, where the player gets a 30x reward when the hand he bets on is able to win by a margin of 9 points.
  • Aside from this, the players may also decide to wager on the winning margin. For example, if the margin is 8, then the reward is 10x. For a 6 and 7, the reward is 4x of the staked amount.
  • The most common side bit where people win is the 4-5 point non- natural win where the player is rewarded with 2x the staked amount.


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