A New Casino Game, 3-Hand Casino Hold’em Offers Excitement

Play'n Go has done it again! Their latest game, 3-Hand Casino Hold'em is now available for all of you adventurous players. It will offer every player an excitement they have not experienced for a long time in any type of live casino.

Players will catch on quickly and easily to this new live casino game. It consists of one deck with three hands offering three times the fun. This exciting form of poker allows you to play three hands all at one time unlike playing one hand. Just like you suspect, 3-Card Casino Hold'em offers you three chances to defeat the dealer.


The three hands also increase your odds of winning. Why? Because the same deck is used to deal with all three hands. This gives you an idea of your odds of completing any of the three hands.

You begin 3-Card Casino Hold'em by placing whatever ante you choose (as long as you meet the minimum bet). This is another great feature of the game as you can bet on one, two, or three hands. Also, you are offered the chance to put an additional AA Bonus bet next to your ante bet.

Next, the dealer gives you two cards, face-up for the number of hands you have played. He also gives two cards face down for his hand. Three “community cards” are placed on the table dealt face-up. This is where the AA Bonus comes into play. If any of the three cards form a pair of aces or better, with your cards, the dealer immediately pays you your AA Bonus bet.

Now, after the community cards have been dealt and the AA bonuses have been paid out, it is your choice to either call or fold each one of your hands. If you decide to call then a call bet will be placed for the hand.

Following the calling or folding the dealer then deals the final two community cards face-up. He also turns over his cards to reveal his hand.

The best available 5-card hand, from each of your active hands, will be selected to use with the community cards as well as the 2 cards in your hand. If any of your hands are better than the dealer's then you are the winner. If any of your hands are weaker then the win goes to the dealer. If one or more of your hands are equal with the dealers, then you push and your ante is returned to you.

If this doesn't get your adrenaline running then nothing will. This is a fascinating, challenging, fun-filled game. This is another game, offered by Play'n Go, the company that offers innovative slots. Their expertise and passion to offer such games ensure that the game fulfills the demands for the players as well as the operators.

Play'n Go is proud of the award-winning games they offer to the players. They are proud that they offer the best slots, platforms, and back-office tools that meet everyone's needs everywhere. Their mindset for service is unprecedented.

Play'n Go has assured players another award-winning game with 3-Hand Casino Hold'em. The game is just waiting for you to start playing.



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