A Brief Guide for Playing Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher, created by Evolution Gaming, is a gameshow done live. This show has a Money wheel where players are expected to make an accurate guess of the correct number. There are numbers 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 2 on the wheel and spin segments for two times and seven times bonus multipliers.

Dream Catcher is notably one of the most successful Evolution Gaming and, no doubt, for a good reason. This show has lots of winning options. The game is visually appealing and enthralling that it ensures a mesmerizing gaming experience. Find out more below.

All You Need to Know Before You Play Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a typical wheel spin game designed specifically to allure slot players. The biggest factor in this game is luck, and well, slot players have not loved anything more.

The European Evolution Gaming studios, most often the one in Riga, Latvia, are where these games are streamed. The studios are occupied with the Dream Catcher game's material, which would include the customized wheel. It is worthy of note that all the wheels used by Evolution Gaming, either the money or roulette wheel, are made by the notable TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

As a plus, with Dream Catcher, you get to meet the most interesting live casino dealers ever. With witty comments and broad grins, they try to carry everyone along while entertaining them. Any other thing? Yes, their dealers also play a big role in ensuring players win spins. Hence, the reason why many of thee dealers are loved by players, as they have their ways of making winning spins for players.

Dream Catcher's Features

In this game, there is no losing segment on the customized wheel. Hence it is perfect for players. And the simple reason is that there is no wheel pocket on which bets are considered losing ones. For example, while playing live roulette, every bettor loses their bets if the ball falls on the zero pockets.

In the game of Dream Catcher, all the player has to do is pick a number they suspect the wheel will end on. The options provided include 1, 5, 2, 20, 10, and 40. Peradventure, a player's chosen number is the same as the number at which the wheel stops on; the payout corresponds to the lucky number. This implies that one payout is a ratio of 1:1, while 5, is a ratio of 5:1, and it goes on like that.

Moreover, players are wholly satisfied when the wheel stops at the two or seven times multiplier segment as this offers a way to cashing out big payouts.

Video Performance

The creators stream Dream Catcher from a multi-camera studio, giving players a top-notch final view. Light, sound effects are all set so that it flows and is follows the game's action. This is imperative for an enthralling game experience.

Each session starts with its focus on the dealer and the wheel.  When the wheel is set to motion, the dealer tries to entertain platers, so they remain focused. Nevertheless, the moment the wheel stops spinning, the focus is completely set on it. The winning number is announced, accompanied by sound and light effects that signify its time to celebrate.

The Video quality is peaked at HD. Nevertheless, to ensure you get the best quality, a decent internet connection is necessary. Even if you don't have access to a nice Internet connection, the video quality is still a decent one.

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