3 Popular Casino Games from Playtech


Playtech has many popular casino games in its portfolio and constantly increases  its repertoire of new games.


American Roulette

This is a variant on high-end roulette games, and it’s brand new.

It’s based on the Playtech Live Grand Royale room, with all of its luxuries.

The entire is to give the player the sense that they are playing in a luxurious, high-end room, which they are, in a sense.

The game uses a double zero roulette wheel. American Roulette is supposed to be part of an assortment of games from Playtech.

Another big advantage of American Roulette is that it gives better margins when you match it against roulette games more like the ones that are played in Europe.

Those seeking licenses will be more disposed towards getting the game this way.

Hi-Lo Club

The original Hi-Lo game was immensely popular, and now Playtech has upped the stakes, spinning it out into Hi-Lo Club and giving it a full redesign in the process.

The focus here is on improving the user experience and making each room look appealing.

It’s an update to improve how quickly the games played in order to make it so that more modern players will have more fun playing since, in the modern world, there’s a faster pace to these sorts of games.

According to reviews, there’s a theme connected to Miami in the 1980s here, which is why everything has strong contrasts and neon lighting.

They even updated the uniforms for the dealers to connect to the overall theme here.

Everything is designed to be easy to play and easy to follow, for fun, light entertainment in all directions.

Spread-Bet Roulette

This update switches up the original by making it so that you can do side bets.

This is definitely different than the normal approach to this game.

You have the wheel in physical reality, and you also have the digital one which says ‘Spin a Wheel’ on it.

By having both at the same time, you get seven different options for side bets.

They go up to as much as 400x for multipliers.

The game style is definitely high-end with a studio space, but that doesn’t mean the betting is necessarily high-end.

You can bet a small amount to start if you prefer.

Overall, these games have a lot going for them, and the right players will likely heavily enjoy the gaming possibilities.

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