Ezugi No Commission Baccarat Review

Asian punters have played no commission baccarat for many years. It is a variant of the classic baccarat game that excludes the payment of a 5% commission to the house whenever a player wins a stake on a banker.

The player stands to earn exactly his staked amount whenever his bet is correct, and half the amount of the banker's bet is 6. There is also a super-six side bet that reward player with 15x their wager when the bet is correct. Aside from that, there are other side bets like player/banker pair and perfect pair.

The game offers an unlimited number of players the opportunity to play simultaneously, and it is compatible with devices such as smartphones and desktops.

Rules of the Game

The dealer flags off the beginning of the game by calling players to place their wager against the house. The dealer then closes the bet after a short while, which will be announced by the dealer. The players can make single or multiple bets, depending on their preference. There are three possible bets to choose from, which are banker, player, or tie.

The card features a shoe of 8 decks from where the dealer deals the cards after shuffling. The cards are dealt with both player and dealer and repeat with another round of cards. If the third card rule is applicable on the table, a third-round of cards will be dealt, after which the higher hand wins. The third option of a tie hardly occurs. Each card has an individual value, and this is added up to determine which hand is higher.

If the player or banker gets a value of 9, the bet becomes stalled, and both the banker and player can choose to stand. The player can also ask for an additional card, after which the value will be added to his previous one. If the card value is greater than or exactly 6, then both parties will have to stand. If it is five or less, then he wins.

Tips to Win


Many online casino players think a baccarat game is challenging; however, if you master a simple strategy, you can make the best out of the No Commission Baccarat from Ezugi. In the regular baccarat game, the player bet has a house edge of 1.24% while that of the banker is 1.06%. For the No Commission Baccarat, the house edge for both banker and the player bet is equal.

Aside from this, the rules guiding the game are the same. Since the banker payout is different given the 4.07% change in house edge, you can try betting in the player's hand repeatedly. It is also essential that you do not pay attention to the results being displayed on the board. This is because the other players are likely taking note of every hand's results, which is not an excellent strategy to employ. By applying these tips, you can increase your chances of winning.

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