Yggdrasil Has Created new Roulette Game – Golden Chip Roulette

Yggdrasil has done it again! They have just released their first roulette game which can be played on your mobile or desktop. It is named the Golden Chip Roulette. If you are a high roller or a novice, this live casino game is for you! It's finally here, the most anticipated game release for this year. The classy European style roulette game offers more features than you can imagine.


You can enjoy the classy lounge music as you play Golden Chip Roulette. You will be excited with the graphics which are delivered with refined elegance. You will feel like you are in a VIP private gaming lounge. Some of the innovative features include pinch-to-zoom and random multipliers. The standard roulette game offers an x36 multiplier while the Golden Chip Roulette offers x10, x50, x100, x250 and a whopping x500. Imagine winning a jackpot and having it multiplied by 500. It can be done and you can be the one to do it!

Another feature is the spin speed. You will find it has perfectly been designed to mimic the real-life action of that on the casino floor. It also makes near misses which makes the large wins more exciting. Also, the ball reverses direction on alternate spins. The game is supported by BOOST, enabling operators to offer numerous gamification tools prize drops, tournaments, and missions which will further engage players. If you like to keep things classy this game was created for you.

Golden Chip Roulette allows you to make all kinds of wagers. These include low or high, odd or even, split, column, six-line, and corner. Everything you find on the casino floor roulette game you will find on this new Yggdrasil creation. As with all of Yggdrasil's creations, great attention has been given to create a feeling of anticipation and excitement for a player. Anyone playing this game will sit on the edge of their seat enjoying the most innovative mechanics along with the immersive game atmosphere.

Players will love betting as every chip placed as a straight bet turns to gold. Once this happens the multipliers go into action and you will wait with great anticipation to see what you get. Hopefully, you will reach all the way to the x500. There is no doubt you will realize the great potential the Golden Chip Roulette game has to offer you – and, it's all at your fingertips. Players appreciate the fact that there is no timer so each person has full control over the pace they want to take.

Yggdrasil, in Nordic mythology, means the mighty tree. The gaming company has proved how mighty they are since they were founded in 2013. The superior online gaming company has emerged as one of the most respected and acclaimed suppliers in the industry. This is why they have been chosen to provide gaming content to some of the leading operators in the world.

While still in their infancy Yggdrasil has already been given many awards for their work. These include the EGR B2B Award of 2019. 2018. 2017, 2016, and 2015. They also received the prestigious 2019 award for the International Gaming Awards as well as in 2018, 2017, and 2016. These awards cover all aspects of the gaming industry from technology to over-all success. Yggdrasil complies with the industry's best practice for responsible gaming. Each of the games Yggdrasil creates provides the players with the information needed to understand the game as well as the wagers. Yggdrasil may be young but it has already made its presence well-known in the gaming industry. Games such as Golden Chip Roulette is just the beginning of what the future will bring to players.



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