The Five Legendary Casinos you need to visit

Casino gambling has the power to attract millions of people across the world.

It requires a free flow of money and it has become a form of entertainment for over a century now.

Playing at casinos is a fun and exciting way where people feel active and happy around others.

Some people consider gambling as a stress reliever while some do it for fun only.

It has become popular across every country and some players prefer playing their favorite slot machines through the Internet.

Online casinos have been a trend for quite some time now because of technological advancements.

People find it more convenient since they no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes and they would rather spin the reels online.

On the contrary, wouldn't it be nice to pay a visit to the best casino establishments and to play famous slot machines that are exhilarating and full of excitement?

A lot of beginners and veterans across the world would want to see at least one of the world's remarkable gambling destinations particularly the oldest casinos that ever existed.


Casino di Venezia

The oldest casino in the entire world that is located in Italy is the Casino di Venezia, which was originally called the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi.

It was built over four centuries ago back in 1638.

The entire building has a Renaissance style and architecture and it is located on the Grand Canal particularly in the most populated and largest quarter of Venice.

Italians and tourists go to the casino by riding the gondola.

This casino became a home for a number of eminent people in history for the place used to belong to a variety of aristocrats and gentlemen.

It has over 600 slot machines that definitely attracts players from every country.

Casino de Spa

The second oldest casino is located in Belgium.

The Casino de Spa was built back in 1763 and was rebuilt in 1918 because of the immense fire damage and huge destruction of its structure during the World War I.

Years later, they have decided to renovate the place completely and undergo transformations during the 1980s.

The classic and modern architecture of the casino makes it a thrilling place to visit with hundreds of slot machines, live games, and more.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden was built in the nineteenth century.

The entire place consists of a casino and a spa resort.

The place became very popular during the time when gambling was prohibited in France.

People abroad would hop on a plane and fly to the casino to have a good time.

The building has a classical architecture with Corinthian columns.

It is a great place to host events, gatherings, and meetings of all kind.


Casino de Monte-Carlo

A complex located in Monaco that has been attracting players because of its lavish and sophisticated establishment.

The place was built back in 1856 when Princess Caroline of the House Grimaldi decided to establish a casino that helped Monaco prevent bankruptcy during that time.

Years later, Pope Leo XIII and the Bishop of Monaco became its investors.

Today, it is operated and owned by the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco.

Golden Gate Casino

Last but not least, the Golden Gate Casino is located in the center of Las Vegas.

The casino reopened in 1931 due to the gambling ban that took place back in 1909.

It was renamed to Sal Sagev which means Las Vegas when spelled backward.

After two decades, the property was renamed to Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

The casino is notable for its revolutionary and grand parties.

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