The 5 Biggest Poker Tournaments

One of the best ways to learn the art of playing Poker and learning about your opponents is to watch some of the biggest world Poker tournaments.
These are tournaments that are televised or recorded and made viewable on the web.
Most take place in the large casino playing cities or resorts, although some have stops on cruise ships or in popular beach resorts.
The following are the 5 biggest tournaments taking place around the world.


The World Series of Poker started back in 1970 in Las Vegas.

Today, fifty years later, it is one of the most popular tournaments of the world with more than 130,000 entrants and almost $300 million in prize money awards.

This huge tournament is greatly anticipated by fans throughout the year and takes place in July.

Usually players prepare for the poker tournament all year round.

It is also a yearly televised event that can be viewed on many sports-related TV channels.


This is a Poker Tour that is televised to more than 150 different countries.

It was developed by WPT Enterprises and the main poker tour is just one of the highlights of the event.

The WPT also hosts the Super High Stakes Tour, tournament cruises, an online gaming site, and other poker tours, although none are as popular as the World Poker Tour Championships.

The WPT started in 2002 and has continually grown in popularity, especially in different areas of Asia. Certainly, the World Poker Tour Championships is tournament players look forward to watching every year.

The buy-in for this championship ranges between $3,500 and $25,000 and winners are given full membership into the WPT Champions Club and give the highly regarded WPT Champions Cup.

Most televised games have preliminary events that lead up to the main event and the number of locations where the gameplay takes place ranges from 15 to 20 worldwide cities.



This tournament is an annual televised event.

It was first founded in 2004 and co-hosted by PokerStars and the World Poker Tour.

This is a high stakes event and the buy-in is $10,000.

The tournament usually takes place on a cruise ship or a spectacular beach resort.

Approximately, 50 events take place over 10 days and players can buy into the main event or win their way into the vent via other satellite tournaments.

The main event is usually aired over major sports television networks.


This is one of the world’s largest online poker tournaments.

Here we see huge tournaments, incredibly large buy-ins, guarantees, and prize pools.

The best of the best Poker players participate in September.

Best of all, there is no need for sponsorship or an agent.

Players who reach the top do so with skill, opportunity, and luck.

At this event that takes place every September, there are approximately 60 scheduled events and $70 Million in guaranteed payouts.


Europe’s most famed tournament is the European Poker Tour.

It was first started by PokerStars and came about in 2004.

The tournament features 13 cities in Europe’s most popular destinations which might include Prague, Berlin, Vilamoura, and the Bahamas.

The tour holds the record as being the richest Texas Holdem poker tournament held outside of Las Vegas, and its popularity has a global following.

The buy-in for the main event is €8,000, a high amount that has gradually increased because of the extreme popularity of the tournament and the lack of space in the hosting casinos.

One interesting difference between this and other tournaments is the fact that the final table has 8 players, as opposed to the 6 player norm.

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