Golf Betting Sites

Golf’s popularity may not be as profound as eSports or football, but it still has a loyal community of supporters. Moreover, golf betting adds variety to the betting world and has already won more than one fan over.

At Casinoble, we are here to explain and sensitize you on the best golf betting websites. We will tell you all you have to know about them and also how to bet on golf.

Also, we will cover all the requirements that have been put in place to recommend a good golf betting site. You will also find a list of all the bonuses available to you in 2021. Lastly, if you are staying in South Africa, you will find information here on how to enhance your golf betting.

Well, let’s get started!

Best Golf Betting Sites

The golf betting sites listed in our article at Casinoble are the very best. We recommend them only after a careful review by our top experts. We are glad to recommend these sites and we guarantee that you will get the best wagering experience on the sites.

New Golf Betting Sites

The new golf betting sites cannot be ignored in the list especially as they are always coming up with all forms of surprises to the iGaming industry. So, we have collated the best of the new golf betting sites. These sites are completely safe and new, and you can easily venture into them.

Trusted Betting Sites

It will not be responsible for us to recommend a betting site where people come up with complaints of being duped and swindled. This is why we have taken extra measures to verify the sites we recommend.

Thus, we only recommend betting sites that are reliable, honest, and safe. We do not talk about or recommend unserious or unreliable betting sites.

We specialize only in betting sites that have passed our rigid requirements and tests. We will explain those requirements below so that you will know what we look for in a site before recommending them.

You will also know what you too should look out for when choosing your preferred betting site. You might want to get your notebook and pen to mark down this important information and criteria.

Knowledge of these requirements will enable you to choose the best betting site of your choice,

  • License: A good betting page must be licensed. How do you know if they are? Well, it’s simple. Scroll down to the bottom of the betting page; if you see a license there, then it is good. However, if you cannot find a license on the page, do not bet on that page. One of the most important elements of an online bookmaker is to display its license gotten from the appropriate license authority in the country of operation. Examples of these regulatory bodies are the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission. Any site licensed by these regulatory bodies can offer serious, honest and legal betting.
  • Support: Do not be afraid to seek help from online bookmakers. Even if you do not need anything, you can use it as a test to see how good their customer support is. A good betting site will have good customer support and vice-versa. Good customer support must be able to help with all your needs and reply to your inquiries. They must be able to guide you and sensitize you on how to register, terms and conditions, and how to redeem your bonus. At Casinoble, we always check that a betting site’s customer support is top-quality before we recommend them.
  • Withdrawal Terms: You must take the withdrawal terms of a betting site into consideration before choosing such a site. Withdrawal is very important in betting because you will play with the hope of winning and when you win, you have to withdraw your winnings. If the withdrawal terms on the site are awful, we at Casinoble will not recommend such a site. Because what is the essence of winning if you can’t withdraw it. Some betting sites have absurd and unfair withdrawal terms, so you must carefully check these terms before signing up on the sites.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Remember we told you to look out for a betting site’s license. You must also check to see if the site has an approval certificate from an independent testing agency. Independent testing agencies are laboratories that check and test to see if a betting site delivers what they promise and if it is up to date. So, once a gambling site has this certificate of approval, then we will equally recommend them.

Betting Bonus

You most likely think of bonuses when you think of online casinos or bookies. This is because no other website or environment can offer its users so much for free.

Gambling sites are becoming overwhelmed with various bonuses at an increased pace especially with competition everywhere. So, these sites use these bonuses as a marketing strategy to keep existing loyal customers and also attract new ones.

This explains why these sites offer better conditions and more varieties to give an upper hand to their bettors.

  • Deposit Bonus: This popular bonus entitles bettors to something for their money. A deposit bonus is also sometimes called a welcome bonus. This bonus assures bettors of something in return for their money. The ‘something’ may include free bets, the same initial deposit amount, and much more. For instance, some betting sites give their new members a 100% bonus, this implies that if a bettor deposits $100, then he will get another $100 in return, although the bonus can only be used on the site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: This type of bonus is mostly ideal for people who play for fun. That is, players who play without using their money, rather they sometimes play to just test the site. Yes, a lot of people do this, especially when they want to play on the site for the first time, they test the site before they eventually play with money. The good news is that there are plenty of no deposit bonuses available in 2021. These bonuses allow players to first trying out a site after they register. The bonus is often small but it is usually enough to enjoy a good test of the site.
  • Terms and Conditions: Terms and conditions are very important when choosing your preferred betting sites.  Many people often ignore these and click that they have read them, this is not advisable. The terms and conditions contain information on how you should bet such that you can withdraw your money. There are many other details about the site embedded in the terms and conditions. So, it is left to you to equip yourself with the info and utilize them correctly.

Free Bets On Golf

By now you already know what it implies to make or not make a deposit so that you can get bonuses on a betting site. Now, you have to understand the popularity of free bets on sportsbooks.

The rationale behind this is because the aim of playing and betting is to win and get real money, and also to get free bets. All these will give your bets a huge boost and help you play in a less risky and safer way.

Bettors have to see free bets as virtual money given to them by the betting site for registering, as a promotion, or to keep them in the site’s list of loyal customers.

You have to always remember that a free bet is not money that can be taken to another site or deposited in your bank account. Rather, a free bet helps you to make an attractive profit.

You will see that you will receive the best free bets instantly on the golf betting sites recommended on Casinoble. You can use these free bets to place a bet on any of your preferred sports without hassle.

Golf Betting Apps

You might not know that most of the bets placed in online casinos and sportsbooks are placed on tablets and mobile phones. Over the last fear years, there has been a huge technological advancement that has made both mobile casinos and mobile versions the biggest transformation in the betting world. Fortunately, golf betting applications are simple to use and easy to download. Besides, several providers offer exclusive bonuses in their mobile versions or apps. This makes the whole gaming experience even more exciting.

Bet On Golf

There is a fantastic history to golf betting which has grown over decades. Several professional bettors have used the meticulousness and pace of golf to their advantage.

This makes golf betting distinctive in the sports betting atmosphere. Depending on how a bettor can study and be able to predict outcomes, it is also essential to improve oneself in sports wagering.

So, this is why we explain the exact live golf betting, odds, systems, and options to you at Casinoble. We will also give you tips to help you to enhance your golf betting as quickly as possible.

Betting Options

You already know that golf is quite different from all other sports. Thus, they have different betting options which might be complicated at the first instance. Yet, you must learn all the options before you place your money.

The major tournament winners are among the most popular golf betting options. There is also the betting on 2 golfers in a 3-ball match-up and a head-to-head method.

Betting Systems

Do you wish to reduce your risks and not win the first time? Or perhaps you desire to survive in golf betting. Then it is time to employ a new betting system that guarantees you winning, although the winning may be small.

To create a good betting system, it is best to look at more solid betting options that are sure to follow a pattern that suits you well. The options must also be well known to you.

Live Betting

These days, live betting is the peak of in sport’s world. There is no major sport that is not yet affected by the new trend of instant betting and the use of mobile devices.

It is equally crucial to know that you must use the rhythm of golf to your advantage. If you can correctly predict outcomes, you have to seize the quiet moments to wager on the best bets.

Golf Odds

Truly, golf is slower compared to other sports. Nevertheless, it is worthy to keep an eye on the odds. The odds in golf differ according to the conditions and possibilities of the tournament and each golfer.

This is why you must carefully use the odds to your advantage. Bettors with adequate knowledge can see how the odds can be their friends when they are shown on the pages.

Improve your Betting

A few tips and help here and there will always be beneficial to bettors even if they have been studying and gambling for years. So, here are the top 3 tips to help you improve your golf betting immediately.

These 3 tips have been gathered from the best professionals and they are very simple to apply. Note that these tips are not about complicated and complex systems, but rather about mental states and how to look at golf betting such that you will earn bigger wins.

The three tips are:

  • Hedge Bet Live: Avoid putting all your eggs in one hole because it will make it riskier in terms of betting. We recommend that you leave hedge bets on golf since the time is in your favor and all other options guarantee you profit.
  • Information/Data: Information is life, and data is modern money. The same rule applies to sports betting particularly golf betting. If you have adequate information and vital fact about the tournament or the golfer, then you can place a better bet to your advantage. It is a benefit to you that the betting sites place their odds before yours, so the information you have at hand will give you an advantage.
  • Focus: Do not lose your focus and concentration during or before your bets as it is the primary key to success. You must be focused on where to put your money. This will help you odd as you ought to and see things clearly only when you are focused.

Online vs Offline

These days, online is a modern trend. Everyone is online. Now let’s see how offline and online gambling differs.  Online betting is our focus at Casinoble. On the other hand, offline betting is for those real bookmakers around you.

Bookmakers have taken over the web even as the world is advancing towards the internet. Online betting offers so many varieties in bonuses, promotions, games, sports, and many other fantastic services which makes them paradise for betting fans.

Responsible Betting

The importance of playing responsibly cannot be overemphasized in betting. It is the most important thing in addition to being aware and alert to what is going on.

It can be dangerous and risky to gamble with real money, that is why we at Casinoble do everything possible to make sure that our readers have a fun and safe environment.

If you feel you are losing hold of your betting at any time, we advise you to seek help without fear as soon as possible. Bear in mind that it can happen to anybody, so you do not have to be ashamed.

Betting and gambling should not cause problems or danger to you and your environment and they should always be fun.


When do I know that a betting site is worth betting on?

There are many factors involved when trying to know a good or bad betting site. A guiding principle is to look out for bonuses, markets, online reputation, sports, transparency, available services, and licenses on the site.

How can I place golf bets in South Africa?

Well, there is a golf betting tradition in South Africa. That is why we have selected the top 2021 golf betting sites for you on Casinoble, such that you can choose the one you most prefer.

Where can I redeem my golf betting bonus?

Just like any other sport, golf bonuses can be redeemed by depositing or registering a particular amount of money at most bookies.

Why are golf bonus terms and conditions so important?

They are important because bonus terms and conditions tell you how to withdraw your winnings and bonus and how and where you can place a bet on the sport.

What is the best time to bet on golf?

Like we stated earlier, golf is slower than any other sport. This comes with a betting advantage such that there is more time to study what will happen in live betting and use the knowledge to your benefit.

What was the biggest staked golf event?

In the world of golf, the biggest betting event was during the 2020 Masters. There were more than $1million wagers in the majors.

What can I find out adequate information about golf betting?

Read extensively on Casinoble to know more about betting. You will learn all you need to know about golf especially in South Africa.

What are the most prevalent betting options in golf?

Unlike other sports, the most popular betting options in golf are quite different. The most popular is the 3-ball match-up, betting on 2 golfers in a head-to-head method, and major tournament winners.

Are there any special bonuses for golf?  

Yes, there are golf bonuses although you will have to locate them yourself. You can use our recommendation of the best golf betting websites to find them immediately!

Can I make my living betting on golf?

We often advise our readers to try being online professionally although it is not a profession. We also advise that you treat online betting as a fun activity you can control without hassle.