Rules for Playing Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud poker is a table game that is like the typical poker. But in contrast to these games, you play t against the house instead of other players. This means there is no deception or bluffing. Other rules guide this game, which we will be looking into below.

Caribbean Stud PokerRules

These rules guide players in U.S casinos. However, some details may differ depending on your location and the live casino you choose. Some of these include betting limits and payouts.

If you want to play, you need to place your ante on the table's marked area. All players must place their ante wagers before the dealer announces, “No more bets.”

All players can either choose to take part in the progressive feature Caribbean Stud offers. To do this, you must drop a chip on the table that triggers the progressive jackpot light. The dealer and all the players will then get five cards, facing downwards.

The dealer will then how the face of one of his cards and move the rest towards the players. At this point, they can now check out their cards. Players can't look at the cards or others or discuss them with them.

Players can either play or fold at this point. If you chose to play, you would place a raise into the box in front of you tagged Bet. If you decide to fold, you let go of your ante. Once every player has made a choice, the dealer then shows his remaining hole cards

When Does the Dealer Qualify?

The dealer only plays if his hand consists of a king and an ace, or forms a pair or any high-value hand. Then, the dealer compares his card with that of the remaining players. The raise bets of the ante of players with hands that beats the qualified dealer's hand win.

If the dealer's hand fails to qualify, only the ante bet of player's hands that beat the dealer's get payment. However, the remaining raise bets go back to their various players. If a player has a tie with the dealer, the raise bets and ante push.

Other Major Rules to Note

The following are a few rules players should follow always when playing Caribbean Stud poker:

  • Players can’t wager or hold more than one hand at the table
  • People who decide to play the progressive payout feature must be sure the “Indicator Light” is ON. They must also make sure they insert their $1 into the slot.
  • Players can’t interact with the dealer and other players regarding their hands. Players who violate this will forfeit their wagers and have a dead hand.
  • The wrong number of cards to players results in a dead hand for that specific player.
  • The table or casino’s supervisor decision is final
  • If a hole card is visible before the dealer announces “No More Bets,” every hand will be void.


As you can see, the rule of this game is easy to follow and implement. Perhaps this is why Caribbean Stud Poker is one many find appealing. If you enjoy other table games like craps, baccarat or blackjack, then this is a great choice for you.

Lerato Dlamini

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