Poker’s Most Memorable Moments

The origin of poker has been debated for years. People say it began as an American roll-on Persian game, ASNAS. A lot of historians have opposed this conventional view since the '90s. Regardless of whichever story is valid, poker has undoubtedly been for almost 200 years. From lowly lit bars to multi-million dollar competitions, poker has been a voyage loaded with landmark moments. Below are some of the significant occurrences that would form the chronological direction of poker.

The World Series Poker was Born, 1970

Benny Binion, a lifetime bettor, businessman, and career thief, shot the path of poker to accepted prestige in the USA. Binion headed the Horseshoe, a casino located in the metropolitan city of Las Vegas. Some credit for the birth of WSOP belongs to Tom Moore, who owns the Holiday Casino in Nevada. Along with Vin Vickery, Moore held the Texas Gamblers Reunion in '69 by bringing on the hugest poker stars to Reno. The next year, Binion's Horseshoe brandished the first-ever WSOP. It was shaped around the Gambles Reunion, with prospective lofty ambitions.

1970's WSOP championship was held in Vegas but wasn't necessarily backed by the law, so it amassed very little media attention. A game played between knowledgeable poker players won by Johnny Moss. His prize? A figurative “General best player” which was decided by all the players.

Poker got widespread attention in '72, credit to the WSOP winner for that year “Armadillo Slim” Preston. Following the wave of his win, he took tours, appeared on talk shows, starred in films, and wrote a best-seller. In '73, Poker's attention further skyrocketed. CBS viewed the WSOP major tournament and 4 initial events. This act would open the door to other people being attracted to poker, including women.

New Year's Eve, '98, Poker goes Online

Online casino poker was waiting to occur with the media awareness growing unhurriedly.  Then it did. Planet Poker, the pioneering card room involving real money. Randy Blumer, an Engineer, and Navy veteran birthed planet poker. Randy foresaw the potential to publicize his website on Card player magazine, and he did in '97. In '98, he launched Planet poker and it immediately was a hit, accumulating a customer base waiting to play.

Regardless of technical difficulties, Planet poker was still able to strike a great landmark in its first month. Ending the '90s, Planet poker's popularity had brought on competition, which includes Paradise Poker, the instant hit which was founded in '99.

The Moneymaker Effect, 2003

The Poker World Series grows continually, credit to Satellite Coverage. It became so popular that winners attained celebrity status.

Chris Moneymaker, a known comptroller from Atalanta who had no notable experiences with gambling had won his seat through an online poker tournament with an $86 entry; unknown to anybody that he would come to be the winner of the star prize of $2.5 million. Chris's story inspired millions to try out poker. This resulted in the abrupt growth in poker players which was later called the ‘Moneymaker Effect'.

The Black Friday, 2011

Nonetheless, there have been bad landmark moments. On April 25, 2011, there was an accusation on PokerStars by the US government. Major players in the industry were linked to bank fraud, breaches of the UIGEA, and money laundering. This indictment and asset deprivation left a dent in an otherwise impeccable Poker history.  

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence shows the prospect of poker. So, there are more eras of professional poker to expect.

Lerato Dlamini

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