Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid When Learning Caribbean Stud


No one likes to lose money making common mistakes they can easily avoid.

This is the tao of many a Caribbean Stud player.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular poker variant because of its fast gameplay, simple fundamentals, reduced house edge, and progressive jackpot option.

Unfortunately, many beginners jump into the live casino game without thinking because they have already mastered another poker variant.

They assume Caribbean Stud will be easy to learn and end up losing money making simple mistakes.

Here are the most common mistakes beginners should avoid when playing Caribbean Stud.


Do Not Ignore the Jackpot

A big mistake beginners make is ignoring Caribbean Stud's progressive jackpot.

The jackpot is initiated by a side-bet of $1 dollar.

The payout is as follows: a royal flush wins the whole jackpot, a straight flush wins 10%, four-of-a-kind earn $500, a full house is worth $100, and a flush is $50.

The odds of getting one these hands are small, but the risk of nabbing one without making the side bet is worse.

Sure, the player will still win but if they avoided the jackpot they will lose far more money from the missed opportunity.

Do Not Assume Caribbean Stud is Hold'em

Two of the classic blunders Caribbean Stud players make are associated with Hold'em.

The first is folding a low hand.

A low-value hand is an insta-fold in Hold'em but not Caribbean Stud.

Many beginners make the mistake of folding early because of this and miss out on a win.

The truth is any hand a player has holds a 50/50 chance of winning.

This is because there is only a 44% chance of landing a qualifying hand.

This would be the Ace/King combination.

As a hand containing a pair of twos still has over a 50% chance of winning folding for low value is a bad move.

Players should fold because of the dealer's value.

The second pitfall associated with Hold'em is the Ace/Queen combo.

This is a very good combination for Hold'em but it does not mean squat in Caribbean Stud.

Ace/King is the winning combo for Caribbean Stud. Often players see an Ace/Queen combo and assume they have won.

They ante and lose out because they discover too late that the combination has no value.

In reality, an Ace/Queen is the insta-fold for Caribbean Stud.

Do Not Avoid the Free Version of the Game

Caribbean Stud is a game of risk. Gambling real money carries the risk of losing real money.

This is not an enterprise anyone should venture without understanding the basic tenets of the game.

Many players mistakenly jump right in without doing their homework and suffer the consequences.

Playing the free version is a great way for players to familiarize themselves with Caribbean Stud.

Not only do they learn basic gameplay, but they also learn basic strategy.

Free play also allows players to make mistakes without cost.

When they finally play for real money they will have worked out all the kinks.

Players will also have a working strategy they have developed to help them win.

Do Not Over Bluff

Many beginners stake undervalued hands hoping they can bluff their way to a win.

Unfortunately, Caribbean Stud is not built that way.

Players are facing the dealer only and winning hands bear a 44% chance of being drawn.

These odds are good for the player but also eliminate bluffing.

When players bluff it should be calculated on the strength of their hand in correlation to what they think the dealer has.

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