Live Infinite Blackjack By Evolution Gaming

Live Infinite Blackjack Table, the most recent Evolution gaming release, introduces players with a Vegas-style, Blackjack variant. It has  an incredible low bidding limit set of one pound to five thousand pounds per hand. An additional innovation is the six-card Charlie rules, which is neglected more often than not in the main live dealer Blackjack tables.

The table can accommodate an infinite number of players, and also with the mobile application, you can play infinite Blackjack on the go. Though this blackjack variation is open to infinite players (as its name implies), just one hand is dealt for every player, who can decide to use it how they deem fit.

Playing Infinite Blackjack

You play this game variant with eight card decks, and dealers are expected to stand on 17. Though mentioned earlier, it is important to note that you play infinite Blackjack according to the six-card Charlie rule. This means the player that holds a hand of six cards whose total doesn't sum to a digit above 21 is declared the winner. Hence, your six cards will always pass the dealer's hand.

As a plus to the regular perfect pair and 21+3 side bets, this table offers two extra bets, The Bust It bets and The Hot 3, which are place at the left and right sides of the main betting area. You win The Hot 3 if your first two cards plus the dealer's up cards sum up to a total of 19, 20, or 21. You have a much higher payout rate if it is a suitable combination, while three sevens pay 100:1.

Why You Should Play Infinite Blackjack

  • The table offers four side bets, including the standard side bets and two new side bets— Hot 3 and Bust It.
  • You also have access to the other players' move information.
  • This game uses the Six card Charlie rule, which is a rarity in Live Blackjack.
  • An infinite number of players can join the table at any time.
  • A customizable software

Wrap Up

Evolution gaming has a way of surprising us. When we thought we have seen all the Live Blackjack has to give, boom on our face, Evolution gaming brings this platform along. Though this platform retains the standard, regular Blackjack structure, infinite Blackjack added little condiments by adding new side bets and introducing an almost forgotten six-card Charlie rule.

However, Infinite Blackjack also added a hole at the dealer's front, which is where real cards dealt immediately disappear and reappear as their virtual versions at the table's bottom.



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