Free Bets Online

Everyone loves ‘free’ stuff. The idea of getting something without investing in anything seems very appealing to the ear. In online casino gaming, free bets are quite common, and players are always on the lookout for the most enticing free offer. Therefore, we are here to explain in clear terms the meaning of free bets and how they work. Thus, we will be doing a comprehensive review of the various forms of free bets and their mode of operation.

We will also show you the best way to use free bets in South Africa. Grab a bottle of your favorite drink and sit back as our experts at Casinoble unveil free bets to you to help you profit more from this fantastic offer that is available on most online casinos.

Best Free Bets 2021

Now you are going to learn about the best free bets in South Africa in 2021. There are so many forms of free bets available in the market today, and they all have their pros and cons, so we’ll start by taking you on a journey into what they all look like.

Free Bets vs. Betting Bonus

First, it is good to understand that free bets, betting bonuses, and free spins are quite different. Of course, they all give players some money to make a bet, but there are some subtle differences that make them unique from each other. We will now look at the areas where they are different and what you must watch out for in 2021 to decide which one is right for you.

Deposit Bonus

If there were to be a king among all the bonuses in sportsbooks and live casinos, it would be a deposit bonus. You might wonder our reasons for saying this; well, the deposit bonus is usually the complete package.

This form of bonus works such that the player deposits an amount of cash into his trading accounts such as 10ZAR, 20ZAR, 50ZAR, or even 100ZAR, and after doing this, they get rewarded with a bonus from the online casino or sportsbook.

Usually, this is how it works: If the betting platform offers a 100% deposit bonus and you make a deposit of 100ZAR, it means you will get an extra 100ZAR after depositing, you can place bets. Therefore, you will have a total of 200ZAR to play with. A deposit bonus can be in real cash, free bets, and free spins, depending on the operator.

Free Bets

We are sure you have been eager to learn about this one, and in fact, most bettors and players love free bets and spins. Free bets and free spins are two different things in terms of their way of operation. Still, they have one thing in common, which makes players always on the lookout for them, and that is because they provide players with an extra opportunity to play more games than their initial deposit can carry. Free bets are usually common on sportsbooks, while free spins are common in slot games on online casinos.

They can all be called virtual money since they are awarded by the online betting platforms to players, usually during a promotion or after making a deposit. At other times, the player may simply earn it due to his loyalty to the betting platform. Another thing that is worthy of note is that these free bets can only be used in the casinos where they were awarded, so it is not possible to move your free bet from one online casino to another.

Lastly, you also need to bear in mind that whether they are called free bets, free spins, or even deposit bonuses, there are wagering conditions that players must fulfill before they can cash out the money into their bank accounts.

Free Bet Types

Free bets come in different forms, and it is important that you make sure the type being offered can be used on your choice game; after all, there is no point accumulating free bets when they can’t be used on the games that you love. There are four different forms of free bets, and they all have their use. We will now go into deeper details of each of them.

Welcome Free Bet

Most online Bitcoin casino sites offer welcome bonuses, and it is a primary requirement that players look forward to before signing up for a casino or sportsbook. The welcome bonus can come from a cash reward or free bet( this is usually the case for sport betting platforms).

Lots of players on sportsbooks leverage on welcome free bets when staking a bet on a game. For example, a player can decide to bet 5ZAR on a game where he only gets to stake 2ZAR, and the other part (3ZAR) comes from the free bet. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions aspect that deals with the bonus so that you can learn how the bonus operates in the casino.

Free Bet No Deposit

Betting sites have been coming up with many interesting free offers in 2021, such as free spins and no deposit bonuses, and players seem to never get enough. They are always on the lookout for the newest offer and especially one where they can play free games without having to stake any money, and this is only possible with no deposit free bets.

With a free bet no deposit, the player can simply sign up and play for real money on real games or tournaments without having to stake any cash.  There is no better way of getting players to sign up on a new betting site than by offering free bet no deposit. Every betting site is becoming more creative in the way they give out this bonus now.

Matched Free Bet

Many South African bookmakers are using this form of bonus to keep their players entertained and loyal. This form of bonus is particularly useful for the players and clients as it presents a win-win scenario. For example, if the player deposits 50ZAR, the bookmaker will match it with free bets.

This form of free bets occurs regularly in betting sites promos, and they are more available during special events, tournaments, and championship games.

Risk-Free Bet

Many players fear losing their money by betting online, and if you have such concerns, you need not worry as the betting sites are aware of this, and for this reason, they also give players the chance to place—risk-free bets. For example, after a new player joins the betting site and loses his bet, he will get a cashback of the lost amount in the form of a free bet or bonus. This is particularly useful for newbies who are just getting to learn how sports betting works. By getting their money back, it reduces the risk of the player running out of money to bet on games.

Free Bets for Existing Customers

We have so far talked about free bet no deposit, welcome free chance, and risk-free free bets, and one thing they all have in common is that they are more beneficial to the new users than existing bettors on the given site. The real backbone of any casino or sportsbook are the old players who have remained loyal to the platform throughout the thick and thin, even though there are thousands and one competitor sites out there that they could migrate to. Are there free spins for existing users as well? Of course, there are, or how else can the casino or sportsbook guarantee their user’s loyalty? There are many fantastic offers exclusive to loyal customers, and we will be going through a list of the common ones.

  • Loyalty Program: As the name implies, these are programs usually organized by online bookmakers and casinos to reward their loyal customers. This is done to make them feel valued and motivated to do even more. This reward can take any form, and in fact, there are some cases where customers go on sponsored trips and even vouchers that they can spend at specific restaurants. This is usually given to VIP players. The most common form of this bonus is usually free bets.
  • Specific Events: Betting sites always come up with special events to spice up the tense betting environment. These events are primarily for entertainment and usually come up on special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. It can also take place during tournaments. Existing players get to win free spins and free bets during these events.
  • Wagering Targets: As players keep playing and winning, they stand the chance of reaching a wagering target, after which they will receive a bonus reward, of which free bet is usually the most common. For example, if there is a wagering target of 5,000ZAR, as the player keeps playing and reaching a cumulative earning of the said about, he will automatically receive some free bets.
  • Engagement: It is common practice for bookmakers worldwide to reward their community members with free bets for playing certain games because there are times where more prizes are awarded. The type of market, prediction, and odd also affect how much free bets will be given. Therefore, when a player plays the games and uses the odds simultaneously, he will receive free bets.
  • Enhanced Odds: Sometimes, when the sportsbooks want their players to get better odds, they provide accumulators. By this, a player can increase the odds on a game by choosing a certain odd on another game as decided by the bookmaker. If the player wins the boost, he will be rewarded with free spins most of the time.

Free Bet Terms

Like we noted earlier, everyone is excited about free bets, but there is an aspect about it that most players do not know about or find out too late. Now we will talk about the terms and conditions that accompany the free spins, promos, and free bets that gambling websites provide.

Every bonus comes with some terms and conditions, which is important for both the bookmaker and player. Without these, people can just withdraw the bonuses without playing any game, which is not going to be in the interest of the bookmarker.

As experts in the online gambling world, we at Casinoble put in a lot of effort to test, verify and analyze terms and conditions required from the free bets offered by Casinos when we review them.

Here are important factors that free bet terms and conditions are composed of.

  • Qualifying Bet: The first thing to consider before depositing any money in expectation of free bets is to consider how much the betting site expects the player to deposit. For example, they may require that you deposit a minimum amount of 20ZAR to qualify for another 20ZAR. Depositing less that amount will not qualify you to get the free 20ZAR. Usually, the betting site will boldly display the qualifying bet, and you should watch out for it if you love to get the free bet reward (Who doesn’t?).
  • Type of Bet: When new players see the word bonus, they get so excited not all bonuses can be redeemed anywhere. There is some bonus that only applies to specific bet types and locations. Without following the instructions spelled out by the bookmaker, you won’t get the free bet.
  • Minimum Odds: Another important element covered in most free bets terms and conditions is the odd one of the bets required to qualify for the free bet. Bookmakers do this to discourage people from betting huge amounts on low odds games and getting free bets in the process. Although the betting odd isn’t as big as you might imagine, the bookmaker only needs to be sure the conditioner guiding free bets are in place.
  • Specific Events: There are free bets that are only redeemable at special events. A typical example can be the final match of the FIFA world cup, which only takes place once in four years. The betting platforms will ride on fans’ interest and put a free bet on that match to attract more people over. The same is also applicable to numerous sporting games and similar events promoted by the bookmaker. The only bettor who punts on those games will get the free bet.
  • Winning Cap: The free bets are capped, which means there is a limit to the number of free bets you can win. You will find the amounts and where to use them in the bonus section of the terms and conditions page. You, however, do not need to feel limited in any way since there are different types of winning caps.
  • Time Limit:  Free bets are not something you want to keep, like cash in a savings account. This is because they disappear into thin air after some time. The duration that the bet will last is always stated in the terms and conditions section.  The bookmaker puts the time limit to encourage players to play regularly, otherwise the players will not be motivated to play with them.
  • Wagering Requirement:  The wagering requirement section is one that most players wished never existed. Before an experienced punter signs up on a betting site, he will first go through this section to see if the terms are favorable.  Usually, the way wagering requirements work, the players will be told how much money they must wager before the free bet can become withdrawable. A typical wagering requirement can be from anywhere between 25x to 50x. We at Casinoble consider this when reviewing any betting site.
  • Account Crediting:  After meeting all the required conditions that qualify you for a free bet, you’d expect it to reflect in your bonus account immediately, but that is not the way it works. Most betting platforms have specific days to wait for account credit, which is the last part of the entire process. After the days have been completed, your funds will be ready in your account. Find out about the number of days from the bonus section of the terms and conditions page of the website.


How can I get free bets?

Free bets and bonuses are enticing perks that keep players loyal to a sportsbook and draw new players to sign up. The most popular form of free bets is the deposit bonus and welcome bonus. There are other promo bonuses that get awarded to loyal players from time to time. Therefore, you can earn from signing up at specific casinos. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions section of the website to be sure.

What do I do if my free bets have an expiry date?

Free bets do have expiry dates, especially those awarded during an event promoted by the bookmaker. However, you will typically have up to a week or even more to spend the bonus. The bets will automatically disappear from your bonus balance when the period elapses.

When is the best time to use free bets?

Your sportsbook will give you a free bet from time to time, and you can choose to use it as you please, but we have found that it is better to use a free bet to boost a previous bet.

Why do betting sites give away free bets?

Every player loves the idea of making money by putting anything into it, so the site owner uses free bets as a strategy to bring more players on board and to retain their old players.

When do the free bets appear on the account?

This is relative to the online betting platform that you choose. However, most betting sites usually offer free bets to their players when they make a deposit. Also, some offer welcome bonuses to new players once their identity has been successfully verified. There are several other ways how players get free bets, but most happen at the discretion of the bookmaker.

Who offers the best free bets in South Africa?

If you are searching for the best websites in South Africa that give free bets to players, look at the ones we have provided. We at Casinoble always review the best betting platforms to ensure that players get the best offer possible.

Where can I find free bets online?

Most sportsbook and online casinos offer a free bonus as a welcome bonus when a new member signs up. Players can also get free bets from promotions, engagements, etc. Here at Casinoble, we provide a list of reliable betting sites in South Africa where free bets are usually awarded to players regularly.

What is the difference between free bets and free spins?

Free spins are usually given by online casinos where they are used for playing slot games. Free bets are provided by online sportsbooks where they are used for betting on sports games, tournaments, etc.

Is there a way to make money with free bets?

Absolutely! The value of free money you receive for free bets is the same as that of real cash. As a player, it is recommended that you properly read through the terms and conditions section while signing up so that you can understand the specific conditions binding the free bets on that website.

Can I register on one betting site and take the free bets to another?

This is not possible. The free bets that you are awarded are different from fiats like ZAR.  You will be given a bonus amount of money which you can only spend on the website. More so, whatever amount of money that you are given for a free bet usually comes with some wagering requirements, which you must fulfill before the funds are available for withdrawal.