History of Roulette – different stories!

When it comes to live online casinos and gaming, roulette is among the most favorite games in the world.

Where did this exhilarating and engaging game come from?

In this article, we will delve into roulette’s origins and it’s history.

We will cover everything you need to know about this highly enjoyable pastime.

The etymology of the word roulette derives from the French word roelete which means “little or small wheel” around 1734.

It was a gambling game that utilized a small revolving wheel.

But, there is evidence that the game was around long before the 17th century.

Where Did Roulette Originate From?

There is an ongoing debate as to the origins of roulette.

Did it originate in France or did it originate in Asia?

Depending on who you ask you’ll get several different answers.

The Game Of Roulette In Ancient China

Some history chroniclers credit Chinese monks with the creation of roulette.

They played the game on wheels of stones where the number 666 was etched in the center of the wheel with about 37 animals adorning the edge.

It's believed the Chinese monks passed the game along to their Dominican monk counterparts who later converted the animals to numbers.

These Dominican monks also passed the game of roulette on to Europeans.

The Roman Empire And Roulette

War can have devastating effects on the mental and moral.

To keep soldier’s spirits high and motivate the troops, Roman leaders gave them as much entertainment, amusement and extravagant feast as possible.

Among these activities was a gambling game where a chariot wheel or shield was spun.

Depending on where the wheel or shield stopped would be how the players won.

The Greek Roulette Wheel

Soldiers from Greece were notorious gamblers who played heads or tails, dice, and other games of chance.

Among the many games, the Greeks played was a game where soldiers would etch a set of particular symbols on the interior of their shield and place that side of the shield on the ground.

They would place an arrow tip beside the shield while spinning it.

Soldiers would wager on what symbol would stop adjacent to the arrow.

Those who would guess correctly would be the winner.


France And Their Claim To The Roulette Wheel

Most people accept that France is the birthplace of roulette.

The mathematician Blaise Pascal was attempting to create the perpetual motion machine when he invented a primitive version of the roulette wheel.

It would transform over time and by 1796, it became a wildly popular game that would evolve to be played as it is played today.

By the late 18th century it had spread from France to Hamburg Germany to Monte Carlo and then on to the whole of Europe.

Roulette Comes To Americas Shores

In the 19th century, European immigrants brought the game of roulette with them.

Americans didn’t take to the game until they invented their own version of the game called American Roulette (The double zero version).

Modern Day Roulette

Today people are still fascinated and addicted to this age-old game.

Besides going into a brick and mortar physical casino a lot of people are getting their fix from playing Roulette online.

There are countless online casino platforms that offer roulette.

You have the option of playing not only in the U.S., but you can play all over the world.

You don’t have to worry about spending money on travel or any other expenses as you play from the comfort of your home.

Rest assured that these games are fair, licensed and have certification.

Roulette is a game that has an ancient history and will live on as it gains gamblers hearts every day.

With online casinos constantly being launched, they'll always be a platform for playing your favorite game whenever and wherever you are.

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