Gambling Addiction: All You Need to Know to Protect Yourself


The thrill associated with winning could make one addicted to playing at a mobile casino very easily. Certain words, as well as sounds such as a slot machine ringing, could become triggers.

There are reports that certain prescription drugs could make people get addicted to gambling.

How Does it Differ from Other Addictions?

A gambling addiction might be quite different from other addictions. However, like most other addictions, it is the result of an impulse-control disorder. The implication of this is the impulse to gamble becomes uncontrollable. This will end up making you frequently gamble for a long time. If, by chance, you stay away from gambling for some time, you could get trapped in this addiction whenever you come across a situation that brings this disorder to mind. Curiosity could also bring this addiction back.

How does a Player become Addicted?

We were opportune to view a video that was made by BBC News. This video was focused on an experiment concerning the reaction of the human brain to various gambling activities. Professor David Nutt, one of the most prominent experts on addiction, makes known his review of an individual dealing with gambling disorder. In this experiment, the patient gets into an MRI scanner.

Also, the patient puts on a contraption that is like a pair of VR-glasses. This contraption visualizes, as well as stimulates various casino games alongside a keypad for placing bets. There is a blend of becoming a winner after every 20 seconds and huge stakes. At this point, the brain puts up the highest reactions.

What did Nutt Say?

According to Professor Nutt, in a couple of phases, the brain reacts differently. In this experiment, a game of roulette is presented to the addict. He goes on to place some bets, and the following results are gotten.

The patient’s brain has relative calmness while he places the bet. He neither experiences any alterations nor harsh reactions.

What Was the Result?

After placing the bet, the roulette spin is next. While this spin took place, there was an instantaneous activation of the back of the brain. This takes place in a few seconds. The emotions of the patient being tested get activated in two parts of the brain.

According to Professor Nutt, these areas bring about an emotion of excitement regarding the fate of the placed bets. Gambling for certain people can be likened to the effect of chocolate on women. When certain people gamble, endorphins and dopamine get released. This leads to love, excitement, and happiness.

The brain activity changes slightly after the patient wins the game. Areas that stimulate emotions, as well as the back of the brain, are active. A specific area has more activity. This exhibits the patient’s sense of satisfaction.

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