Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution gaming has continued to take the lead in the aspect of online live dealership offerings. Even though it was the first to bring baccarat gaming into the live casino scene, it has refused to rest on its oars by pressing on to create more variants of baccarat games.

The live Baccarat Squeeze brings to your fingertip the card squeezing experience and rush of adrenaline that follows it when a dealer slowly squeezes the edge of the card in a land-based casino. There are 15 HD cameras carefully positioned at an angle where you will see the squeezing action.

Key Features of Baccarat Squeeze

This game is developed and powered by the Evolution Gaming studio. Some of the features to expect include;

  • 15 HD cameras at angles to help you see the squeezing action and experience the excitement.
  • There are several side bets opportunities available.
  • The game keeps a record of your gaming decisions so that you can go back at any time to analyze and track your activities.
  • The game is suitable for high rollers, with a maximum of £10,000.

How Baccarat Squeeze Works

Below is the step-wise sequence of activities that take place at the table.

  • The moment you take a position at the gold-colored table, the live dealer will welcome you professionally. After that, a digital board will display on your screen.
  • Make use of the board to make a wager. Do this quickly before the close of the betting window. Just like in other baccarat games, you have three options to bet on, which are banker, player, and a tie. In addition to these, there are side bets that you can make if you want.
  • The viewing angle of the cameras changes to provide a view of the dealer as he is dealing with the cards, following the baccarat rules.
  • The camera angle will change again and give a closer view of the cards as the dealer unveils them. The squeezing action takes place when the dealer is about to reveal the last card. He reveals it slowly, filling the atmosphere with suspense.
  • Lastly, the dealer will release the winners' earnings while the losers have to forfeit their stake.
  • After the release of funds, a new round of betting will begin again. It is a continuous process, and you decide how much time you want to stay in the game.

Other Features of Baccarat Squeeze

Apart from the excitement of the adrenaline rush, there are other features in the game that makes it stand out from other baccarat variants.

  • This game keeps a record of your betting history to help you analyze your previous actions and know what works for you in case of future bets.
  • There is a chat feature that allows you to communicate with the live dealer in real-time. You can also socialize with other players.
  • The display board shows you the decisions that other players are making. This information is useful in case you are not sure of what option to select. You can simply take a cue from the popular decision and wager on it.

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