Evolution Gaming Crazy Time live Bonus Games

Evolution Live Crazy time features lots of excellent bonus rounds just as it is with several other Evolution Live Games like Monopoly Live. You get the respective bonuses when you hit particular segments of the wheel.

Evolution Live Crazy time comes with four different bonus rounds. This makes it one of the most favored Evolution live games among players. Below is a summary of what each of the bonus rounds entails

Bonus 1. Cash Hunt

This bonus round works in a way that is similar to arcade shooting games. It comes with a total of 108 multipliers that are each depicted with a unique icon.

Whenever you hit this bonus round, you will need to select from the different icons which depict the multipliers. Two players can choose the same icon and end up winning two separate things because the bonuses come individually.

Bonus 2. Coin Flip

This bonus round works by the flipping of a coin. Just like in any coin toss, there are only two possible outcomes, and they are depicted by the colors blue and red. Each side will be awarded a random number as the multiplier. After spinning, you will receive the assigned multiplier.

This form of bonus appears four times on the wheel, and thus it is the most likely one you will hit. Furthermore, since each side of the coin has an assigned multiplier, the player is guaranteed to win something, at least when it is hit.

Bonus 3. Pachinko Bonus

Pachinko is a popular arcade game of Japanese origin, and that is where this bonus round draws its inspiration from. You can end up winning up to the maximum multiplier in this bonus round, which is 10,000x the staked amount.

How it works- When you hit the pachinko segment on the wheel, it will automatically take you to a giant wall covered by pegs. From the top of the pachinko wall, a puck drops, and it will land on the multipliers at the bottom. Your rewards will be according to the multiplier on which the puck drops. There is also a section labelled as “Double.” If the pucks land here, you will set double of the multipliers.

Bonus 4. Crazy Time Bonus

This is the most rewarding bonus section of the Evolution Live Crazy Time game in live casinos. Here, players stand the opportunity of winning up to 20,000x of their staked amount.

However, it is the most challenging bonus to hit as it only occupies a section in the wheel. When you activate this bonus round, a virtual wheel that contains lots of multipliers will pop up right in front of you. There are also segments on the virtual wheel labeled as Double and Triple.

You will be required to predict the segment of the wheel that will be hit after rotating and you will be awarded the multiplier if your guess is correct. In an event where the wheel hits the segment earmarked as Double or Triple, you will be awarded a free spin, and your multipliers will be doubled or tripled.

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