Call of Duty Betting Sites

You must have heard of Call of Duty, as it has been in existence for over ten years now. The game is one of the favorite in the console world bringing adventures of war and zombies to us.

Recently, Call of Duty has taken a leap in the eSports world, boosting it further. We love gambling and eSports at Casinoble which is why we are to give you all the info you need.

We give you information on how to place good bets, where to bet on Call of Duty, and many more. Don’t miss out on all this info especially if you are a fan or lover of eSports.

Adequate knowledge of the information contained in this article will equip you to be prepared to join the fast-rising empire of the top eSports betting sites in 2021.

Best Call of Duty (COD) Betting Sites

When looking for the best betting sites for the call of duty, you might be disappointed because you will come across some not-so-good sites. Well, that is just how it is.

The truth is that eSports in general especially Call of Duty is growing massively online. As expected, this has its good and bad sides. The good side is that it is now easier to bet on COD while the bad side is the emergence of fraudulent online casino betting sites.

That is why we have collated the best betting sites for Call of Duty at Casinoble. These sites have been carefully verified, checked, and tested to ensure that we offer our readers only the best of 2021 betting sites.

Carefully read through the best COD betting sites you will see in Ireland and enjoy the experience that comes with it. Let’s get started.

New Call of Duty (COD) Betting Sites

At Casinoble, we bring you not only the top betting sites but we can also focus on the new things in the iGaming market. This is why we can always offer you something unexpected and completely new.

Thus you will not find the innovations and features available on the new COD betting sites anywhere else. So, save yourself the stress of looking around for new Call of Duty sites in South Africa and simply use our list of recommended options at Casinoble.

We have done a thorough evaluation of the betting sites before we recommended them. So any site you see on our list has met all our requirements and they offer all sorts of bonuses.

Trusted Betting Sites

One can be quite skeptical when dealing with betting sites especially those that are new to you. Some people might even find it exciting to venture into the unknown but it does not always work out fine.

At Casinoble, we are always careful to ensure that all our recommended betting sites are completely trustworthy and safe. We impose stringent requirements on betting sites to ascertain their authenticity.

In our bid to offer you only a trusted betting site, we ensure that any site that fails to meet any of our criteria will not be recommended on Casinoble. This is because the well-being and safety of our readers are our top priority at Casinoble together with responsible betting.

Here is how we test the sites we recommend using these four major requirements. You can equally use the requirements when next you are hunting for a new bonus or betting site.

Avoid signing up with any site that does not meet any of these requirements. Below are the requirements:

  • License: In the past, there were usually betting sites without a license. Well, things have changed drastically. Most betting sites now carry a license as it signifies their reliability. Any site that does not carry a license from an approved authority will not be recognized. Bettors should always lookout for a site’s license before signing up with them. All legal betting sites that offer transparent and serious betting have licenses from gambling authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Gambling is all about losing or winning money, although many bettors refuse to admit this. We want to withdraw this money from our account as soon as we win it. This is why bookmakers need to know how to offer modern withdrawal terms. As a bettor, you must consider the withdrawal terms on a betting site before signing up with them. This is because terms and conditions, payment times, limits, and methods all embedded in the withdrawal terms are important. Betting sites that we recommend on Casinoble are those that are updated in line with the current market.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Independent testing agencies are those laboratories that also carry out tests and verifications on sites before they give them a seal of approval. These laboratories such as eCOGRA carry out an unbiased test on betting sites. Only sites that pass this test will be given the seal of approval to certify that they offer legal betting and they fulfill their promise to their customers. Avoid dealing with any betting site that does not carry a seal of approval from any independent testing agencies.
  • Support: The importance of good customer support to a betting site cannot be overemphasized. Customer support is an icon of professionalism. Top betting sites invest in their customer support to ensure that they are top-notch. All online bookmakers that control the market have befitting customer support backing them. The customer support attends to the needs of customers, replying to their queries and inquiries and assisting them in every way they can. We suggest that bettors use the old trick of testing customer support on a betting site to know how effective they are in service. All bettors want the best so they should sign up with only betting sites that have proved their availability and skills.

Betting Bonus

Every player loves to get a betting bonus because it makes the game even more exciting by improving their winning chances. Bookmakers know this, which is why they offer various mouthwatering bonuses to their customers. Bonuses have become popular and they are now one of the main attractions of betting sites. Betting sites often use bonuses to woo new customers and retain existing ones.

However, they are not built equally, which is why we bring you the top options in South Africa. So, we present to you the two major bonuses in South Africa which are symbolic in the iGaming industry. These bonuses have been in existence for long and they have also been the best overtime.

Besides, the bonuses are in line with the latest in the world of eSports. Note that we will also explain the most essential factors (terms and conditions) of these bonuses to you. If you do not understand the terms and conditions of a bonus, then it won’t be any good for you.

Let’s get started!

  • Deposit Bonus: The most prevalent online bookmaker bonus is the deposit bonus. A deposit bonus gives players access to large sums of free bets, money, or spins although it depends on the amount of money a player deposits. The logic of the deposit bonus is easy to understand. All that is required of a player is to deposit after which he/she will get a stipulated percentage of the deposit back in return. The percentage depends on the casino so it varies from one casino to the other. It often ranges from 50% to 200%. This implies that if a betting site offers you a 200% bonus, then you will get two times your deposit. You can then use the bonus to play on the betting site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: This is the most desired bonus in 2021. Many bettors love this bonus and it is easy to see why. Just like the name implies, no deposit bonus does not require bettors to deposit before they can receive it. No deposit bonus is often targeted at new bettors to encourage them to bet at a bookmaker’s site. However, the bonus is also available to existing bettors periodically. Most new bettors often use this bonus to test a new site (without spending a dime) before they sign up with them. Although the bonus is usually smaller than the deposit bonus, it is still enough to get a good betting experience. This is why there are more no deposit bonuses on the internet today as players see it as a perfect start to a new betting escapade.
  • Terms & Conditions: A player must know how to use a bonus if he wants to win with the bonus. The terms and conditions of a bonus state everything that is attached to such a bonus. It tells you how to use the bonus, how you can convert it into real money as well as the time and limits. Bookmakers communicate to bettors through the terms and conditions, so, every bettor must carefully read through the terms and conditions of a bonus before accepting it.

Free Bets on (COD) Call of Duty

Free bets are to online bookmakers as free spins are to online slots. The free bet comes in different shapes and sizes. The most desired one is ‘real money free bets’ because they allow players to convert their free bet winnings into real money immediately.

Other types of free bets are ‘no wager free bets’, and the classic free bets, ‘live free bets’ (for live betting), and the ‘mobile free bets’ (for customers that play with their tablets or mobile phones). There are many other free bets we will not mention.

Now, to understand free bets and how they work, you have to see them as a voucher or virtual money offered to you by a betting site. The money boosts your account but can only be used for betting on the site it was offered.

You can go through our Casinoble guide which contains complete free bets to find out the top of the free bets of 2021 and which one matches you.

(COD) Call of Duty Betting Apps

You will notice that gambling has changed over time, be it casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or eSports like League of Legends or Call of Duty. This is all thanks to the technological advancements we have witnessed over the years.

As a result, online or mobile betting is the new order of the day such that gamblers now place bet on the go. They do not need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino or traditional betting site before they can place their bets as they can now do it from the comfort of their homes.

This paradigm shift has led to the emergence of betting apps. Call of Duty is not left out of this upgrade as it boasts of a wide range of betting apps that is one of the best in the market.

Both mobile casinos and eSports betting apps have transformed the features and use found in casino games and sports betting sites. Live betting is particularly now easy and convenient using your smartphone.

To find out the best betting apps, visit Cainoble to get the required information and start betting whenever you want on COD.

Bet on (COD) Call of Duty

Here is the juicy part of this guide. After all, you are here because you are a bettor and you want the best bets. So, we will show you how you can begin or improve your Call of Duty betting.

Thanks to experience at Casinoble, we have been able to understand all the aspects of COD betting – and we will give you this information to bring you a step closer to being an expert online bettor.

If you are interested in Call of Duty betting but you do not know how to start on the betting sites, read carefully through this guide as we cover the betting systems, betting options, betting odds, live betting, and how you can improve your betting.

Betting Options

We have both bad news and good news for longtime fans of Call of Duty. The good news is the four dominant betting types available on all COD betting sites while the bad news is that only 4 types of bets are available.

There are only a few betting options available on Call of Duty because it is still quite new in the eSports markets. COD betting is still in its early stage, so you will not find it on many betting sites because they have not added it to their markets. However, this can be used to your advantage as it gives you more time to master the Call of Duty betting system and grow with it.

For now, it is best to keep a close tab on the 4 types of bets below:

  • Handicap
  • Match Winner
  • Special Markets (subject to the bookmaker)
  • Outright Winner

Betting Systems

Every expert bettor will tell you that you need a betting system to become a professional long-term bettor. This is the only way to ensure continuous betting profit even if you occasionally win a crazy bet.

The best thing to do is to create your betting system based on your skills and knowledge. Always remember that your knowledge of the markets matters more than the main betting market. Try this tip and you will see a positive change in your winnings.

Live Betting

Bets are now placed live which is a good thing for games like COD because it betting depends on what happens during the tournament or games.

Similarly, live betting broadens the possibility of using one’s skills and knowledge more such that a player can adjust their bets in line with current happenings in the game.

Call of Duty (COD) Odds

Like we stated earlier, Call of duty is a recent eSports in the world of betting but the odds are the same with most other renowned sports that have been in existence for long.

This implies that Call of Duty odds are easy to learn like any other eSports game. Furthermore, more COD  betting sites are coming up in a bid to gain a stronghold in the iGaming industry.

Players can count on both accumulators and boosts along with exclusive promotions dedicated to the major Call of Duty events.

Improve Your Betting

By now, you should be ready to improve your betting. We have carefully selected the 3 best tips gathered from our experience at Casinoble which has saved betting sessions with mind-blowing winnings.

These 3 tips form a part of any professional bettor’s betting system, so note them. If you employ these tips when next you bet, we guarantee you big winnings.

  • Focus: You must first acknowledge that focus is everything. Whether in eGames or sport, focusing on winning encourages you to reach the finish line. This is also applicable to bettors. Only bettors who concentrate fully and do not lose focus on their bet will know when and where to put their money on the line.
  • Data/Information: Data and information are the primary rudiments of the internet. They equally play an important part in betting. For instance, bookmaker traders often use all available information about tournaments, events, and athletes to know the odds to put on each market. So, players who can also gather this information and use it to their advantage will be a step ahead of the bookmaker.
  • Hedge Bet Live: This is our favorite option to make a small profit. Live hedge bets help players to separate and put their money on safe live odds. This way, players are persuaded not to place all their bets in one place to guarantee them constant profits.

Offline vs Online

There are two core forms of betting; which are offline and online. Offline refers to those traditional bookmakers around you, while online refers to betting on the internet.

The latter is our focus at Casinoble as we are professionals in online casino gambling and betting. That is why we bring the best recommendations and information on the iGaming industry to you.

It is not so safe to bet with traditional bookmakers these days, which is why we bring to you all you should know about banking, bonuses, online casinos, sports, and lots more on the net.

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble, we bring you safe betting tips and reliable betting sites because responsible gambling is our top priority. Also, because we care about the safety of our readers, we ensure that we offer only responsible recommendation and guidance that does not promote irresponsible online gaming or gambling habits.

At any time you feel that you can no longer control your gambling habits, we suggest that you seek help from professionals close to you. Soon, you will get back to enjoying your desired betting activities and also help people around you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do to get a COD bonus?

Call of Duty betting sites are offering more bonuses every day. So you should always look out for the top bonuses and promotions before you sign up on a betting site.
Also, check the customer support, and check the terms and conditions to know how you can get a COD bonus.

Where can I use free bets?

The betting site you choose will determine the size and shapes of free bets you will get. You can check the terms and conditions to know where and when to use the free bets.

What are the ways I can bet on COD?

There are several ways to bet on Call of Duty, but the most popular ones are ‘match winner’ and the live bet markets.

Who has the best COD betting markets?

To find out the top markets that offer the best bets on COD, check our list and choose the one you prefer most.

Why is eSports so famous?

The sport has grown over the last decade with its peak in 2014. eSports now attract more bettors than the NBA.

How can I get the best COD betting sites?

We suggest that you go through our Casinoble lists of recommended betting sites.

Can I make my living betting on COD?

No, we do not advise it. We want you to control your betting habits while having fun and enjoying COD.

Is there any cheat to bet on COD?

You will find the best tricks in our betting guides at Casinoble.

Which are the best COD betting options?

The 4 COD betting types that stand out are ‘special markets’, ‘outright winner’, ‘handicap markets’, and ‘match winner’.