The Difference Between Blackjack and Spanish 21

The casino world is a really good place, and it’s really diverse.

People from all around the world love it and very much enjoy it too.

There are all kinds of games like poker, baccarat and slot machines.

You can literally choose any game and you won’t go wrong.

So is the blackjack.

It’s a really good game where it’s from Europen decency and all the casino people love it.

And the best thing is that there are many varieties for the live casino game that it's quite good. Just like the original.

The very best and most popular version is the Spanish 21.

It’s almost as popular as the original game.


So, what exactly is the difference between blackjack and Spanish 21?

Let’s find out!

We all know how to play blackjack. It’s one fo the most basic casino games.

In the whole wide world.

But, what some of you may not know is the Spanish 21.

Its a really unique variation of this very famous game so what exactly is the difference?

Well, for one, Spanish 21 is played with a shoe of six decks.

Its the first difference you will notice once you sit on a table to play Spanish 21.

Then, you are dealt 2 cards and it’s your word to say stop in order to change it.

But, this number mustn’t be bigger than 21.

After this process is finished, the dealer starts the game and the players play.

The rest isn’t much of a difference from classic blackjack.

And of course, the game ends after a while of playing.

The person with the highest hand wins.

That’s natural. 

The important “tip” when it comes to seeing the difference between these two games is that the Spanish can’t end in a tie.

Unlike the blackjack.

blackjack vs spanish 21

That game can certainly end in a tie and the game can be even prolonged.

Also, in the European blackjack, the dealer can hit 16 and 17.

While in Spanish 21, the 17 can be a bit softer (ace and 17 combinations).

The main thing in Spanish 21 is to remember how to win.

The important thing is to look at your side payouts and watch out for them.

Also, the lower your cards, the better.

The Spanish 21 accepts lower cards, and you can even split your hands.

That way, your winning chance can be even better. 


Because the house edge is lower in the Spanish 21 version, this game is taking a real hit.

Especially in the modern casino world, this version is really popular among younger people.

Some people even say that it’s better than the classic version all you need to do is try them both, and find out what works for you.

Every person is differen.t but, what’s guaranteed is that you won’t regret any of them! 

Lerato Dlamini

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