Caribbean Stud Poker: Top Tips

Caribbean Stud Poker

The classic staple in almost every casino, Caribbean Stud Poker remains one of the most popular live casino games to play online and in person. The fast paced 5 card poker game is a must-play because its the perfect blend of traditional poker and Blackjack. Now to break down the top tips on how to take over the table when playing next time.


This is because of legislation that's been introduced across several countries in recent decades. As such, the vast majority of casinos in different countries have been made compliant with this legislation and treat their customers with fairness and transparency. When it comes to an individual casino itself, however, there are a few key things that you should look for when you're there to ensure that they're fair and above board.

Knowing the Game

Assuming the player is already family with the concept of basic poker it really is just about the specific differences this game has to offer. The player doesn't have to worry about their hand because the cards speak for themselves when they are flipped to face everyone on the table. The dealer will then adjust everyone's cards and start adding points before calculating the winner against the dealer's own hand. Before playing Caribbean Stud Poker the player should be very familiar with the standard poker hands.

Strategies and Concepts

There are strategies to every card game and if someone studies the game long enough its only time until they truly master it and create their own optimal strategy to take over the table every time. The best two simple rules to start by is first off, the player should always fold their hand if it is worse than the dealer's hand. The minimum qualifying hand is an Ace-King High. Rule number two? If the player has at least one pair or better yet two, they should always raise their hand at the table.

To the Jackpot Chasers

Don't be lured into the progressive 1$ jackpot side bet in Caribbean Stud Poker. This is one of the worst bets in the casino because the likelihood of the player winning this bet are slim to none. It seems like a great bet and that's exactly how dealers get unknowledgeable players to play on this bet. The actual odds of landing a royal flush with absolutely no draws are a 1 in 649,740 chance. So a player falling into this trap a few couples of times, in the beginning, isn't uncommon but once they learn quickly they will no longer place the 1$ jackpot bet because becoming president is seriously more likely to happen than winning that jackpot pool.

The Pay Table and House Edge: What to Know

The house edge is always working against the player with that being said how do the player and casino configure a fair paytable and how does house edge affect this number? Fortunately, the paytable for Caribbean Stud Poker has improved versus its counterpart of other casino games meaning that this game actually pays out higher than other casino games. Instead of a straight paying out 4:1 in Caribbean Stud Poker, it would pay out 5:1. Also, this specific game has an overall 2 point less difference in its house edge so this is great for players who are tired of the traditional 5% house edge that is standard in almost every other live casino game.

Second Chance

The best part about Caribbean Stud Poker is that the player has a second chance at getting new cards. The only cost of having to get new cards is adding to the bet. This means if the player wants to draw one card they would have to multiply their bet times 1, two cards? They multiply their bet by 2 and so forth. This style of gaming resembles Oasis Poker which is played over in Africa and Europe. It's popular because people like the idea of getting a second opportunity at their hand and also it brings excitement because the player never knows what they might draw next!



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