Blackjack or Baccarat – Which Game Is Better For An Amateur Gambler?


Despite the overwhelming number of casino games available to choose from at a mobile casino, a new gambler will eventually be faced with the popular question: Blackjack or Baccarat?  If you are an amateur gambler who is currently faced with this age-old question, the answer lies in an objective comparison of the two games.


In Punto Banco Baccarat, a player has the option of betting on one of three likely outcomes. A player can either bet on the banker (Banco), the player (Punto), or a tie. An important point to note is that betting on the player does not imply betting on yourself. You are not the player, and the casino is not the banker. Players and bankers are just assigned names and do not necessarily refer to you as the player nor the casino.

After you've placed your bet, the dealer goes ahead to assign two cards to the Punto and Banco side. Depending on the rules of the house, a third card could be dealt during the same hand. After the hand, the side with a total score closest to 9 wins. Cards from 2 through 9 are taken by their face value. An ace is valued as 1 while every other face cards have zero value. The highest possible score in Baccarat is 9, known as a natural. If the total score of a side exceeds single digits, the first digit is usually removed.


Blackjack is massively popular and has hundreds of different variations. However, despite the existence of several variants of the game, the core principles remain the same. When a round begins, the player and the dealer are both served two cards. Depending on the casino's preference, one or both cards may face down.

The goal of a Blackjack player, irrespective of variant, is to get a hand with a total value as high as possible without exceeding the value 21. If a player's total value exceeds 21, his hand is considered burst, in which case he loses. Cards 2 through 9 are valued by their numeric value, while all face cards have a value of 10. An ace is valued as 11 if the rest of the hand has an exact value of 10. Conversely, the value of an ace is 1 if the remaining hand value is less than 10.

Which is Better?

Blackjack and Baccarat are both unique in their ways, offering equally unique advantages. However, Blackjack stands much higher than Baccarat when it comes to suitability for amateur gamblers. Although it is more demanding than Baccarat, it's the ease of play that eventually levels the playing ground.  While every bitcoin casino game is hugely dependent on luck, skills can greatly improve your chances of winning in Blackjack. Because of its comparatively easier learning curve, an amateur can rapidly build his or her skills in the game and be in a better position for winnings. 

Another notable advantage of Blackjack over Baccarat is the house edge. Most casino games are rigged to give the live casino some form of advantage. Though some casinos have rules that may increase or decrease that advantage, Blackjack generally offers one of the lowest house edge available in casino games. Nonetheless, because both games still depend hugely on chance, the advantage either of them offers over the other could ultimately be a matter of preference.

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