Betting More or Less in Online Casinos


Every casino game player will come to a point where they must choose between increasing their stake or reducing it. Get professional advice to help you make the right decision by reading more.

The urge to bet more during a slot game is very common. Imagine you have been winning on a stake of few cents; you will be tempted to increase your stake per spin so that you can cash out bigger on your next win. Besides that urge is another thought that is telling you to exercise some caution. Both are right, but you need to weigh both options to know the best one.

However, this article will focus more on Betting more in mobile casinos.

Below are the pros and cons of betting high in an online slot game:

Pros of Betting More

  • You stand a better chance of turning small wins into big-time opportunities
  • Opportunity to participate in a bigger stake-based jackpot
  • You will get to enjoy the atmosphere of suspense and thrill when you stake a larger amount of money.
  • A better chance of winning the jackpots in the game where it id apply


  • The chance of you ever winning the maximum stake price is very slim; sometimes, it is as low as 1 in a billion.
  • Chances of winning a huge Jackpot on your bet is slim.
  • Your account will deplete at a faster rate when you stake a high amount.
  • You will incur heavier losses, therefore lose out on the entertainment.

Which Should You Choose?

The main advantage of betting high stakes is the opportunity for you to win via the base game and jackpots when available. The main disadvantage of betting high stakes is that your account will get empty faster than you can imagine.

Therefore, when deciding whether to bet high or low, consider your chances of winning big and losing out on your bankroll. If winning big is more important to you than preserving your capital, you can go for the bigger wagers. However, you must realize that the odds of losing your money are higher than for winning on the game so if you hate the idea of not being able to play more games because your cash got exhausted, then stay away from high bets.


The fact is, most online players of slot games who stake real cash are not high rollers that can afford to part with as much as 20$ per spin. Except you can afford to risk that much per game without having to a severe effect on you, then you rather play for low stakes. of course, the bigger wager will avail you the privilege to win more in a stake-based game and jackpot but do not get carried away by such pecks because you will be playing against a house edge that you are probably not aware of.

When you bet low, you get to stay longer in the game where you stand more chance of winning than you could have with a bigger stake, even though the reward will be far lower. The choice to go higher or lower is entirely yours.

Lerato Dlamini

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