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For now, MPN (Microgaming Poker Network) Poker is a thing. But according to a blog post dated 20th September of this year, MPN big wig Alex Scott announced that next year during the second or third quarter it will fold operations. It will be no more. It turns out that the business model for MPN is not likely to be successful in the future after the completion of a review of stakeholders in the gaming and poker playing communities. While this is sad to Mr. Scott, there is still time to find out what MPN Poker is all about and participate until all of MPN's chips are cashed in.


One major aspect of MPN Poker was the MPN Poker Tour. These are in-person tournaments held at various locations in Europe. It is possible to win a qualification to play in one of these events through MPN or if one has sufficient funds it is possible to simply buy a seat. The locations should sound familiar for this tour. They are London, Prague, Tallinn, and Malta. Only two events are sure to go forward. One is in Malta from October 15 through the 22nd. The other is in Madrid from 6 February of 2020 through the 9th.

Other than this tour, it is essential to see MPN as a network more than anything else. It is a network of about 30 poker rooms with names like Grosvenor Poker, Betsson, Guts, Betsafe or Nordic Bet among others. As part of entering these poker rooms, one will download any essential software for the purpose of participating. One will pay one's wagers in British Pounds as applicable. This is because MPN poker is located on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, where the Pound is the coin of the realm.

MPN Poker started out as Prima Poker in 2003. Because the network was powered by an e-gaming company called Microgaming it became also known as the Microgaming Poker Network. By the end of 2012, it was time for an official re-branding. Microgaming Poker Network became simply MPN Poker. In 2014 the above mentioned MPN Poker Tour was launched, which visited all of the major betting parlors in Europe. Through the years MPN has developed new software to enable its platform to serve customers better. It has established promotions to entice customers into the poker rooms.

The MPN web site at http://mpn.poker/ has everything one needs to get into poker. The rules of poker are available for different types of games including Texas Hold 'em, Omaha or Fish Party. There is an ethic handbook as well that talks about prohibited software to use on the platform. For instance, one may not participate in gaming using bots that are designed to circumvent human decision making. The handbook goes into discussing penalties for any ethical infractions.

MPN Poker is essentially an online gaming house where players in the poker rooms come together to participate in various ways. There are sit and go tournaments available where there are a limited number of slots and the games tend to end faster. There are other tournaments with potentially unlimited slots that can drag on for hours. Check our MPN Poker while you still can and see what it is like.

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