The background to the live casino game – CRAPS

Everyone loves a good game! Especially a live casino game where you can actually win real money. It has now been made possible you can play in a real live casino out the comfort of your home. That’s right you can play in your pajamas and wouldn’t have to leave out the house thanks to Online Casinos. Craps has been one of the most popular games within the casino lifestyle.

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Craps is a dice game that never goes out of style. It has been passed down for traditions (many generations) and still seems to hang around all casinos. Players have to place their wagers on the roll. This is the probable outcome of the roll or a series of rolls. Most people wager on a pair of dice. There are different wagers which makes it hard for all players to predict the outcome of the roll they think it might be. Some wagers include line bets, single roll bets, multi-roll bets etc. Even though at times this game sounds easy it is considered one of the hardest casino games ever.

The Craps game has been around so long casinos look at it as a part of history. People not only play Craps in the casino but it has also been played online and in the streets. Soldiers have played this game for decades. The street craps is played a little different than how it is played in casinos. Due to the rising of technologies over the years the popularity of this game has increased online as well.

Many people say that the game Craps originated from The Roman Empire. Soldiers would play with pig knuckles by tossing them onto their shields. This created the term “to roll the bones”.

Others have compared the game Craps to the Middle Ages. Back when the game was called “azzahr” (Hazard). This game was the go-to for the Arabs in the Middle Ages. They say both games are very common which helped with the spread of the popular game throughout England. Once people became very familiar with the game they started to gamble which helped to make it popular at all social events.

In the 19th century the game became popular in American English. It was so popular that it outweighed all the other games. When this happened the game spread around the world and new variations of the game appeared along with the rules. This game has become more exciting over the years and everyone who has been granted the opportunity to play this game actually love and enjoy it.

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