Playtech Presents Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots

Playtech, the world’s leading innovator of casino systems, has just released two exciting new concepts into the gaming community. The software was produced in response to the gaming community’s demand for a social aspect to gaming. Live Slots and Quantum Blackjack are the revolutionary new platforms. If you were a betting person, and I know you are, you would have been happy if you had bet on the social aspect of the internet back in 2004. Playtech is doing the same thing today, for gaming. I’m betting, right now, that this is going to be a major, positive development for the community.

Quantum blackjack

So far, it is the Live Slots social features that have been getting most of the press, but that’s only one of two exciting developments. The truth is, either announcement by itself would be newsworthy. The idea of playing Buffalo Blitz live on the internet is exciting enough. The idea of the new multiplier system for live casino games is just as exciting. The long and short of it is that a player can multiply their earnings by up to one thousand percent. Let that sink in for a moment. Imagine winning the pot but instead of pulling back their normal winnings, the gamer will pocket a thousand times what the pot would normally be. This new feature will revolutionize the way people play blackjack.

They call it Experience-Led gaming. That’s the buzz. However they choose to describe the new phenomenon, it means that gamers will be the ultimate winners. Incredible multiplication numbers and a brand-new social aspect to slots, that folks have been clamoring for, equate to a more immersive experience for players. Pulling on Buffalo Blitz, the first title added to the new social slots line, live, will be a one of a kind experience. Finally, people will have the entire casino floor experience in the comfort of their own homes.

It is at the tables that most serious players spend their time though, and Playtech has brought to the table nothing less than a brand-new way to play blackjack. Quantum Blackjack will change the way players bet on the game, and the games will be more exciting than ever before. The mechanics of the game that everyone loves will stay predominantly the same, but with a very important addition. Multiplication means that gamers will be seeking one of up to three randomly chosen bonus cards. That bonus can yield up to a thousand percent increase in earnings.

Playtech has done an amazing job of providing fresh, exciting content to some of the most beloved games. It is easy to understand why Playtech is the market leader and why players everywhere keep coming back to the tables. Live Slots and Quantum Blackjack promise a whole new immersive experience for gamers.

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